[Opinion] CCP’s mouthpiece Global Times is at Pompeo again

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The Global Times, a CCP mouthpiece, in a recent editorial viciously criticized Secretary Pompeo the U.S. Department of State after his remarks on taking down the Great Firewall of China at the Reagan Library on November 10, 2020.

In an interview following his speech at the inauguration of RRI’s Center for Freedom and Democracy on Tuesday October 10, 2020, Secretary of State Pompeo made it clear that the issue of taking down the Great Firewall of China is a matter of “freedom”, “personal autonomy”, and “personal dignity”. When the interviewer asked him a question about tearing down the information fire wall of China, Secretary Pompeo said: “In the end, the people of China will ultimately be determined, just as the people of the Soviet Union were ultimately be determined, of the cause of history inside of their country”. He then continued: “So it’s our fundamental effort to work to make sure that the Chinese people have the access to information data… all the things they will need to see so that they too can share this very same freedoms that we all care so much about.”

CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, immediately started another round of smear campaign against the Secretary. The “Global Times”, a CCP mouthpiece, published an article to personally attack Pompeo: “Pompeo has offended and humiliated diplomats with his bad example”.  “Pompeo will ultimately be a loser”. CCP even threatened Pompeo in its wording “If Pompeo lived longer than the average life expectancy…”. By cursing that Pompeo “is going to lose his job as secretary of state” and “will use his last-ditch effort to discredit China and shape anti-China agenda as the most prominent mark of his tenure”, the article not only threw a punch at Pompeo, but also took the opportunity to reveal how badly CCP wanted Trump to lose the election.

In this Global Times article, as usual, CCP tried to paint a picture that the American system was bad. And in contrast, all Chinese people were happy to live under the CCP’s rule. The article also threatened that they “would like to remind the US white right-wing elites that it is their own country that is most likely to “change color.” The article continues: “White supremacy is coming to an end, and the connotation and direction of “democracy” are bound to change. But this will have nothing to do with China. Rather, demographic changes in the US will continue to evolve, leading to an upending of the existing value system and interests in the US.”

The article sounded as if it was in total control of US social evolution. And it is in sync with the CCP’s decades of planning and implementation of “unrestricted warfare” against the US and the West. Its strategies and tactics against the US, particularly the BGY Plan and the 3F Plan, have been causing destructions to the American society on all levels: social, financial, and political. As a result, issues of political correctness, unemployment, social unrests, and corruptions have become a common norm in this great country. Biden’s ‘Hard Drive from Hell’ only exposed the tip of an iceberg in terms of the erosion of the American society. The overwhelming evidence against the Biden family and the deeper swamp has not been exposed yet. For the average Americans, the information and its correlations could not be digested easily. However, those who followed the Chinese Whistleblowers Movement immediately understood that the root of all the major problems, including that of the election frauds, in America is squarely the CCP.

The CCP published this article in Chinese as well. It was meant to reach people within the firewall as well as the overseas Chinese readers and overseas Chinese-language media outlets, which are financially controlled or influenced by the CCP.  The CCP very effectively brainwashed, threatened, coerced, and/or silenced overseas Chinese, thus further strengthening the Great Firewall and the CCP’s tight control over what people can read, see, or hear about. It’s part of CCP’s unrestricted informational and psychological warfare.

As usual, CCP yelled out loud to protest Pompeo’s speech. It clearly shows the party’s attempt to establish legitimacy and play a vital role in building and keeping the Great Firewall to the Chinese people. As Lude Press stressed in his morning podcast on November 12th, it is exactly because of the Great Firewall, the CCP could brain-wash and fool the 1.4 billion Chinese people inside, as well as outside China. It created a huge impression to the West that, if vast majority of Chinese did not think CCP was bad, CCP was not so bad after all. Therefore, the Western world has been blinded too by this invisible Great Firewall of China. While falsely perceive Chinese people as being happy and supportive to the CCP’s rule, people in the West failed to recognize that the reason why China has become an economic powerhouse is because the CCP compounded decades of stealing of wealth that the 1.4 billion Chinese people have produced. Therefore, it is wrong for the West to praise the illusional “superiority” of CCP’s political system and question the democracy in their own countries. There is no doubt that the CCP has infiltrated the Western civilization to a great extent. To put the Americans back on its track of real democracy, the West must take down the Great Firewall of China.

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https://www.dvidshub.net/video/772347/secretary-state-michael-pompeo-ronald-reagan-institutes-center-freedom-and-democracy (from minute 25)

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