War Room: Pandemic Ep 499 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • War Room is to give you hard core information. Don’t believe a word from fake news.
  • And noon today there is the hearing in Navada.

Peter Navarro: Investigation into what growing numbers of allegations of fraud and signed affidavits by witnesses and my own view looking at this election, we have what appears in some sense to be an immaculate deception. There will be no problem for Trump 2nd term.

Rubio: There’s nothing the President’s doing that’s illegal or not within his legal rights.

If the candidate or anyone has evidence of fraud or something that was wrong and wrong doing, you have a legal right to go to court and present that evidence.

On December 14, the electoral college will elect the President, that’s our laws, this is the way the system works, let the system work so people have confidence and our republic can move on.

SO trust the process and this ELECTION will be determined in the next 3-4 weeks.

Bannon: We got Eyewitnesses, but MSM won’t deal with it, and they are nervous.

Mayor LIGHTFOOT wants to make CHICAGO the new WUHAN. She’s cancelling Thanksgiving.

There’s a civil war internally within the GOP in ARIZONA; MARICOPA County Chair stepped down overnight. There’s no reason for AZ to be blue. If we lose ARIZONA, it’s by our own hand. Whoever grinds the hardest will win. We’ve got to work like Trojans to close the deal, but we’re going to close the deal.

The other reason I know we’re winning, you can always tell their tales when they started getting jiggy. Bannon outlines necessary next steps for the TRUMP MAGA movement:

  1. Close on the President’s victory;
  2. Expose and destroy the globalist elite that has tried to steal this ELECTION;
  3. Seize upon this burning, this Great Awakening among TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

What a burning. The great awakening. From South Florida with the Latino’s and Hispanics in the South and the Anti-communist, from 96 miles caravan in a in Arizona to the 54,000 people that showed up around.

JF radio show: WHITE HOUSE, TRUMP ADMINISTRATION must demand a legitimate audit in GEORGIA. On securing GEORGIA results:

  1. We need a 1-1 relationship with counters, auditors, and observers.
  2. We need a real audit, not just a RECOUNT. Do signature, envelopes match? Are there duplicate ballots?

GEORGIA Secretary of State Raffensperger is running a sham, phony, fake audit. They all stabbed Trump in the back and the deplorable by all kinds of voting fraud. This has become a sham, such as blocked Republican from supervising. They say there is nothing to see. If there is nothing to see, why don’t you let us see? We want legitimate order.

It’s a complete farce to protect his own ELECTION spam.

Giuliani : On Pennsylvania and Michigan, the court cases and they get on the way to a decision which will be next week. There are enough material out there for a court to rule in our favor.

Also mentioned the unlawful mail ballots arrived late, and got into counting without valid signatures or verifications. It’s worse in Michigan, besides that they got midnight trucks bringing hundred thousands of ballots. In Detroit there is Dem woman trained for forty years for voting cheat. The cases will be heard next week.

Georgia is a matter of recount. There’s a mixed bag like in Pittsburgh, they were allowed that they didn’t work for the first hour, the second half, they were intimidated by the judge’s decision in Philadelphia.

The republican party was raising record when they were blocked out that much on those days. But it was a bit of a size not just not covered, they had the delegation and had two press conferences, he tried to get out. Nobody would print it and then he found that he finally went to court that night, and it was hurting the next day as the court of the compromise.

DOMINION has a lot of problems, it really isn’t a Canadian company and the software is intended to help steal elections. Dominion connected to socialist Venezuela and ANTIFA. We’ll be able to prove that 100,000 ballots were brought in at 4AM on ELECTION NIGHT in DETROIT, all for BIDEN and no other candidates. Those BALLOTS all have to be disqualified.

Brian Kennedy, Chairman of Present Danger committee: The woman in charge of counting votes in ARIZONA called President TRUMP a “Nazi” in 2016; there were millions and millions of mail and ballots and we didn’t have a system in place to verify the signatures adequately to monitor any kind of abuse of that part of the system and then when you actually scan the ballots, they’re being scanned in machines that are relatively new to this process and built these machines using Chinese components that themselves could be hacked into.

  • BALLOTS are being run through machines that could conceivably move votes from TRUMP to BIDEN.
  • We’ve not built a system that is at all secure, this is not voter fraud. This is industrial-level ballot manipulation.
  • This is election fraud, not voter fraud. They’ve rigged the whole system to steal it. The system is rigged for BIDEN. It’s the whole system against President Trump.

If the average American hears any of this, they’re going to think how is this fair and it’s not. This is election fraud, not voter fraud. They gear the whole system to steal it. Whether it’s Arizona Nevada Pennsylvania Georgia, this thing is an absolute mess and forget about the sanctity of one man one vote, this is one party!

We have the kind of country where if you have one party determined to rig the system and the other party plays entirely by the rulebook, which it looks here like the republicans have and the democrats really want to load this system with. You can easily sway one of these states and there’s no mechanism in place to sort that out now.

When it comes to Georgia or Arizona, yes you may have republican governors, but the republican governors have democrat secretaries of state or even a republican secretary of state who may not be a Trump person and may themselves not care much about integrity of the system as strange as that sounds.

Raheem: The Lincoln project, they’ve got a full-blown assault on these people and they’re louder than us, the link project is louder than us, they spend more money than us, talk to more people than we do. These never Trumpers who already being aside by the democrats, who think they’ve got their victory in the bag already.

Those Republicans they wouldn’t be a republican elected officials unless President Trump put his shoulder to the wheel and got these guys elected. You have split between what the republican establishment wants to do and what the Trump movement and what the Trump campaign want to do. It seems like there’s two different things.

Lin Wood is a fantastic lawyer, he’s tweeting out the Chinese Communist Party’s involved here, this is gonna be massive, one is exposed, you’ve got Sydney Pal who’s out there talking about 450,000 votes in these different areas in Arizona.

Tomorrow there will be a massive rally support Trump. Giuliani would like to tell the people that there’s serious vote fraud, don’t be misled by the mainstream media saying there’s nothing wrong with the election.

Also to the rally for the support are Chinese from New Federal State of China.

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