Breaking News–REVEALED: Sworn Evidence Of Pervasive Voter Fraud | i (video–November 14, 2020, )

Editor: Rose Sky

Present the most direct evidence to Americans in pursuit of the truth!

Biden was declared “winner” of the 2020 election. (Note: The US media has *zero* legal authority). 

Rudy Giuliani has enough evidence to lock Trump victory.


我说西方,必须拔出中共在你们内部,植入的各个间谍系统。“蓝金黄” 系统,间谍媒体系统,各个网站、各个媒体。——郭文贵先生2018年10月04日

I said that the West must pull out the various spy systems that the CCP has planted within you. “BGY” system, spy media system, various websites, various media– By Miles Guo,October 04, 2018 

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