Did Joe Biden Actually Outperform Obama?

By: 牛小妹 Edit: 莫黎


The senior advisor of the Trump 2020 campaign, Steve Cortes, points out in his Op-Ed that the statistical thesis provides enough reasonable doubt on the result of this presidential election. Therefore, it’s necessary to require re-counts and further investigation in those battleground states.

He highlights that the voting results for Biden relative to Obama’s performances in swings states do not seem credible.

If we take Montgomery County in Pennsylvania as an example, the votes for Biden overpassed Obama by factors of 1.24-1.43 times. Biden’s total vote in Montgomery is reported at 313,000, exceeding Obama’s 233,000 performance in 2012. The population growth in the county does not explain the outperformance, since the county only grew by 22,000 residents between 2012 and 2020. It simply does not make any sense.

We can’t stop wondering if it is even possible that the unpopular Joe Biden was able to massively outperform a politician like Obama.

Steve Cortes addresses that even it is statistically suspicious, it is circumstantial rather than conclusive. It requires further investigation and audit.


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