Pompeo stated in an interview that Taiwan is not part of China

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On the morning of November 12, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo accepted Hugh Hewitt radio interview that Taiwan is not part of China, this point is the U.S. bipartisan consensus.

Pompeo said there is a clear bipartisan consensus on the Taiwan policy, which has been maintained by U.S. administrations of both parties for 35 years, ever since it was formulated by the Reagan administration. Taiwan is a model of democracy, and China must fulfill their promises to ensure that the people living in Taiwan are respected. Pompeo hopes this will continue until the Chinese and Taiwanese find a solution to the problem. The United States should honor its commitments and fulfill its corresponding obligations, such as selling arms to Taiwan and helping them to upgrade their defense capabilities. All of this is aimed at securing a commitment to peace between the mainland and the people of Taiwan.

Pompeo’s statement of Taiwan’s status is a major shift in U.S. policy toward Taiwan since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, and no previous U.S. administration has made such a statement of view in public. On behalf of the United States, it regards Taiwan as an independent political entity, will continue to defend the status quo of Taiwan’s independence, and will not rule out the resumption of diplomatic relations with Taiwan at an appropriate time. This statement also seriously challenges mainland China’s principled position on the Taiwan issue and stepped on the so-called red line of war of the Chinese Communist Party.

The next concern is how the Chinese Communist Party will respond to this challenge; if it does not, it will be perceived as weak and will acquiesce to the status quo, and if it overreacts, such as by launching an armed invasion of Taiwan, it may be subject to US military attack and full sanctions by the United States. Another concern is what specific measures the U.S. will follow up with Taiwan. Will the U.S. use or when will it use these options of expanding arms sales, high-ranking officials visits to Taiwan, sending in troops or even resuming diplomatic relations? In any case, the Taiwan Strait has become a powder keg at this stage, so let’s keep an eye on further developments.

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