Highlights Lude Media(Morning)-Nov 13,2020

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Giuliani On Fox: There Were More Evidence Blocked Trump’s Victory; “Taiwan Never A part of China” by Secretary Pompeo, Means What? CCP Immigration Issue Order to Control Chinese People International Travel

• Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Lou Dobbs Tonight that he has uncovered enough unlawful ballots in Pennsylvania and Michigan to turn the election in favor of President Trump. As long as there is evidence defining the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a national security threat, President Trump can take direct action against the CCP in a national emergency.

• Immediately following President Trump’s executive order, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin congratulated Joe Biden on his “presidential victory.”

• During an interview with American radio host Hugh Hewitt, Secretary Mike Pompeo responded to a question about current U.S.-China tensions that Washington will continue to counter threats from the CCP. And he said: “Taiwan has not been a part of China (the People’s Republic of China ),” which means that the U.S no longer recognizes China-U.S. joint Communiqués.

• Yin Chengji, deputy director of the National Immigration Administration of China (NIA), announced on November 12 that NIA will strictly review and approve applications for Chinese citizen’s “unnecessary” cross-border activities for preventing the importation of COVID-19 cases. This is a strong signal that China will reimpose its Closed-Door Policy.

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5 months ago

First the American Left is going down and then we are coming for Winnie the Pooh.