Attorney Linwood tweets that the CCP virus is a biochemical weapon and it is the words that President Trump want to say | Daily Express – Nov. 13, 2020

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Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG



November 12: Less than an hour. It has been ranked second in the United States overall… Japan is already number one. This is the power to expose our Fellow Fighters of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, no one can compete… Never before… A big bow to all the fellow fighters. Thank you very much 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

November 12: Dear Fellow Fighters, Drriking down the CCP at the Apple Music store. And music stores around the world. Quickly ranked no.1 and top 20. None of this would have happened, and none of this could have happened, without our Fellow Fighters. It’s not that Wen Gui sings well, it’s because our Fellow Fighters are too united. That’s great. Wen Gui sincerely, thank you. All my Fellow Fighters! Everythin has begun!


Dr Li-Meng YAN:       COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

I’m never anti-vaccine. I’m always anti-“useless/harmful vaccine”. No matter which company the novel COVID-19 vaccine comes from, just ask whether the natural obstacles of SARS-COV-2 are overcome.
Meanwhile, ask why qualified HCQ-related studies are suppressed or denied.


Steve Bannon War Room


Ep 498- Pandemic: Illegitimate (w/ Steve Gruber and Kane)

Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey, and Greg Manz discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as fraud allegations in the 2020 Presidential Election start catching fire. Calling in is Steve Gruber and Kane with reactions.

Ep 497- Pandemic: Certified (w/ Jack Posobiec, Joe Hoft, and Boris Epshteyn)

Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey, and Greg Manz are joined by Jack Posobiec to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as fraud allegations in the 2020 Presidential Election start catching fire. Calling in is Joe Hoft and Boris Epshteyn with reactions.

(BANNED VIDEO) **MUST WATCH** Gen. McInerney, Sydney Powell, Steve Bannon Project Hammer & Scorecard

Lude Media:



1. Trump comes up with an economic masterstroke! Acting Secretary of Defense reports to Congress and the President requesting a national emergency. Under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) (50 USC 1701 and 1601, etc.) and Section 301 of Title 3 of the National Emergencies Act, the Secretary of Defense Requires the Senate and the President to issue an executive order declaring a state of economic emergency in the United States. The Departments of Defense and Commerce will provide sanctions lists.

2. Attorney Linwood tweets that the CCP virus is a biochemical weapon. The real enemy of the United States is neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, but the CCP.

The mainstream media is absolutely controlled by the CCP. Trump should realize that if he overthrows the CCP regime, he will have achieved his presidential goal. Otherwise, even a second term will not serve its purpose. Once the CCP is targeted, people will realize that all the fraud in this US election is not out of the US electoral system but out of conscious sabotage by the CCP. The CCP has messed up the US system with the power of the entire state apparatus.

11/12/2020 Lude Media:Summary of all aspects of the key swing state of Pennsylvania

1. Briefings: The “Black Lives Matter” campaign that gave Biden 60 million votes wants their “reward” now; Hong Kong Democratic party member Lin Cheuk Ting hung a banner: Lam Cheng persecuted Hong Kong and will stink for thousands of years; Hong Kong elementary school teachers were “resigned” because “You don’t love the party, you don’t bring foods to your dining table.” 

2. Dr. Mo’s view: The stock market fluctuated greatly after Pfizer’s vaccine announcement. Behind the scene, it is the economic and political interests that drove the phenomenon. Fauci is the devil of science and the modern “Voldemort”. 

3. The Epoch Times exclusive: Some Pennsylvania ballots were “received before they were sent out”, which aroused concerns. Dozens of voters were born between 1900 and 1907, and were older than Pennsylvania’s oldest citizen alive. 

4. Lude Media analyzed the situation in Pennsylvania in depth: the recount won’t happen, but a legal battle is upcoming. Biden has more than 140,000 votes than Trump in Philadelphia, and is a critical city in voting fraud. Giuliani is personally in charge of the legal actions in Philadelphia. The destruction of the mailed ballots involves the protection of the evidence and requires a lot of work. In the movie “City of Terror”, the prosecutor needs to persuade 12 juries to convict the five major mafia families; this time he would only need to convince 5 out of the 9 justices. The Justices represent the United States’ judicial justice. The CCP bought the American media to brainwash the Americans, fabricated facts with lies, and propagated President Trump as a racist. When the electoral system has problems, and leads to constitutional crisis, the Justices re-interpret and define the Constitution, and return to electoral justice and fairness.

Lude looked back on the voting dispute between Bush and Gore in Florida in 2000. Dr. Mo said that the Florida case showed that the separation of power and check-and-balance in the United States were very effective. 

5. On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, US Secretary of State Pompeo said at the Reagan Institute that the US would help the Chinese people take down the Great Firewall. On November 11, 2020, the CCP’s Global Times published an article titled “The Most Vicious Attack So far! Pompeo’s Last Crazy Act to China”. The article said: “Pompeo will be a loser. And we want to remind the ultra-right-wing white elites in America that, it is your own country that will likely “change color”. The racist political law of “white supremacy” will end, and the connotation and direction of “democracy” will evolve. But these changes have nothing to do with China. As the structural change of US population continue to accelerate, the existing value system and interest structure of the United States will be chronically subverted.”

Twitter & Parler

 Banned Twitter account of Donald Trump Jr.

Beijing has turned Hong Kong’s Legislative Council into another rubber-stamp parliament, just like the National People’s Congress. Beijing has crushed democracy in Hong Kong. #StandWithHongKong


Tom, it’s more like 600,000 plus unlawful votes In Philly and Pitt.

.@FoxNews daytime ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime even WORSE. Very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. They forgot the Golden Goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews!

Communist China Fake News

CCP‘s media:What the Global Times wrote about Pompeo in Chinese

1: Pompeo is a Marxist-Leninist monster
2: Pompeo turned the State Department into an intelligence unit
3: Pompeo is a wolf in battle who is whining rather than barking
4: Pompeo is addicted to his own fantasy of being an enemy of China
5: Pompeo will be a loser by hating China
6: If Pompeo continues his way, he will end up a sore loser like many Chinese dissidents
7: Americans, your country will “turn in colour” instead of China

If Pompeo gets to live longer than an average American, he will get to see his country’s population in the next 20 years reach a point where the white people are no longer the majority, and will see the various restructuring that this population shift will bring. That is the real political challenge for the US. So, please pay attention to your own issues on American land, and balance your big political changes, as going against China will not form your self-transition and self-redeem. 

Editors Comment:This report came out right after Pompeo said at the Reagan Institute that the US would help the Chinese people take down the Great Firewall.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of Communist China – Wang Wenbin:
We have been following reactions to the U.S. presidential election within the US and from the international community. We respect the American people’s choice. We send congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.

Editors Comment:Why they know Trump will won and they sent congratulations to Biden? Is it strange?


Whistleblower Movement popular glossary


Culture of the New Federal State of China

The NFSC shall follow the Righteous Path, a people-oriented socio-political thought introduced by Miles Kwok, that gives absolute emphasis on the dignity, power, and freedom of all citizens as the beginning and end of a peaceful and prosperous statehood.

Miles explores a new state concept that breaks away from traditional thinking. He is of the conviction that, based on the level of interconnectedness in today’s world marked by a reasonably easy access to ways of communication and fairly uncomplicated means to access information, the cohesion of a state’s citizens, which is the essential meaning of a country, has radically shifted from having a common land, authority, currency and other elements in the traditional sense to having a common “belief, security, trust, benefit, pleasure, outlook on life, and worldview.” So then, it is highly feasible for citizens of a country to be actively exercising their citizenship while, at the same time, being permanently located or dispersed in many places around the world—a country in permanent diaspora.

As clearly expressed in the symbolism of the federal flag, central to this concept and vision of statehood is faith. The NFSC citizens believe in all godly beings, take the Right Path as the cornerstone of culture, and promote the splendid knowledge and wisdom accumulated from China’s long history and rich culture.

The NFSC society shall advance universal values ​​such as “freedom, truth, kindness, justice, fairness, integrity, tolerance” and the traditional moral values ​​of the Chinese nation. Citizens are free to choose to become believers or agnostics; they can choose to belong to whatever religion, no interference in the change of belief; different religions and denominations shall not be categorized into different levels.

The New Federal State of China shall adopt the separation of church and state. Congress or the government shall never formulate laws to establish state religion, neither promulgate laws and orders to prohibit the free exercise of religious beliefs, nor corrupt religion to interfere with judicial and election processes and use religion to get into money laundering.

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