What the Global Times wrote about Pompeo in Chinese

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The Chinese Communisty Party (CCP) controlled state media, the China Global Times, wrote a scathing article in Chinese about the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo. The English version of the same article is a lot more benign in tone and length.

Here is the English translation of the article on Mike Pompeo that the CCP propagate to the Chinese people. The article is full of name calling, basically demeaning the character of Secretary Pompeo, and as with most CCP propaganda, lack the substance that justify those name calling.

1: Pompeo is a Marxist-Leninist monster

Mike Pompeo in his speech on Tuesday at the Ronald Reagan Institute’s Center for Freedom and Democracy, said that the Trump’s administration is “not done” with its strong dealing with issues pertaining to China. According to reports by American media, he has used the most evil rhetoric today, by accusing the Chinese Community Party as a “Marxist-Leninist monster”, describing the Chinese system as “authoritarian and barbaric”. This ideological frenzy who is about to lose his job as the Secretary of State, appears to be willing to exhaust his last resources to defame China, and wants to attach “anti-China” as the most prominent marker to his office during this period.

2: Pompeo turned the State Department into an intelligence unit

Pompeo in his Tuesday speech admitted that his time as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director formed his current attitude towards China. This matches the criticism by some people, that he has turned the State Department into the CIA. As commonly known, in most countries, the intelligence agency is the place that converges the bottom-line thinking, whereas the foreign diplomacy department represents a country’s openness and acceptance. The two two agencies are meant to achieve some kind of balance. Pompeo has now destructed this balance, he has turned the State Department into an agency with more fighting spirit and more aggressive than the Central Intelligence Agency, that is now at the front-line in the Sino-US confrontation. 

3: Pompeo is a wolf in battle who is whining rather than barking

Pompea has altered the human’s genes on foreign relations, and with his own vile behaviours has offended and humiliated the career of foreign diplomats. If we consider “wolves in battle”, he is clearly the number one wolf in battle in the world of foreign diplomats. The only thing is, when he is about to be forced out of the battlefield, his barking becomes more furious, making him sound more like whining.

4: Pompeo is addicted to his own fantasy of being an enemy of China

Pompeo is addicted to being an enemy of China, he has added an enormous amount of his own fantasy into the current Sino-US confrontations.  According  to his description of China, China and US should have already cut off all connections, he even said that the military servicemen should vigilantly prepare for a major warfare between the two countries. Despite this, the highly intricate nature of Sino-US relations meant that the two countries are still continuing what is the world’s largest bilateral trade volume while remaining vigilant of each other. The reason being, there is a lot of financial interest and connections that simply cannot be cut off.

5: Pompeo will be a loser by hating China

Pompeo will be a loser eventually. He is a ruling elite who hates China the most, who spreads the most false depiction of China, and holds extreme policy positions that cannot be propagated and implemented. His anti-China rhetoric is largely a bluff, these will definitely go out of favour and out of shape, and exposed as unrealistic, when he goes.

For example, Pompeo claimed that there are nearly 50 countries and 170 telecommunication companies who joined “the Clean Network” program led by the US, which was something that he made happen in most cases. However, all of those countries and companies are not exactly serious when it comes to rejecting Chinese telecommunications components. The uncertainty around this is big enough to be a nightmare for people like Mike Pompeo. 

6: If Pompeo continues his way, he will end up a sore loser like many Chinese dissidents

Pompeo claimed today that the Chinese political system will come to an end, when he said that he sounded like he is leaving his “political will”. We would like to let him know that China puts the interest of the people at the centre of its socialist system, hence this system will be as eternal as the Chinese people’s pursuit of a great life. The same China has caused many dissidents who escaped to the US to end up wasting their lives, getting old, and dying [as a failure]. If Pompeo wants his life to be centred on this same objective [as those Chinese dissidents], he will similarly have his life wasted and be a sore loser.

7: Americans, your country will “turn in colour” instead of China

At this point, we want to remind the American right wing elites, that in high likelihood it is their own country that will “turn in colour”. The political system that is based on white supremacy and race politics will come to an end, and the so-called “democracy” will change drastically in its essence and direction. But all of those have nothing to do with China, in fact as the American population structure continues to change rapidly, its value system and political interest will be overturned gradually.

If Pompeo gets to live longer than an average American, he will get to see his country’s population in the next 20 years reach a point where the white people are no longer the majority, and will see the various restructuring that this population shift will bring. That is the real political challenge for the US. So, please pay attention to your own issues on American land, and balance your big political changes, as going against China will not form your self-transition and self-redeem. 

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3 months ago

so happy to know that the CCP doesn’t like Mike.


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