2.7 Million Trump Ballots Deleted; Witnesses Alleging Ballot Fraud in Dominion Voting Systems

Written by Randy Young, Rica Machioni

Reviewed by Stacey Tang

Updated as of Nov 12th 2020 10:01pm 

At 11:32 am EST on Nov. 12th, 2020, President Donald Trump posted a tweet proving that Dominion voting machines across the nation deleted 2.7 million Trump ballots. “Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden,” he added. 

Records from the Federal Election Commission showed that the company received massive donations from Democratic donors. According to The National Pulse, “Of the 96 donations, 92 in total – or 95.8 percent – went to Democratic candidates, predominantly via ActBlue.” This probably explains why those machines “mysteriously” counted Trump ballots toward Biden. 

Federal Election Commission Records (source from https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/dominion-dem-donors/ )

More ironically, just one day before its statement, Rudy Giuliani claimed that the Trump Campaign had found insider witnesses from Dominion alleging its fraud system. 

On November 11th EST, Rudy Giuliani stated that the attorneys of the Trump Campaign Thor Hearn and David Kallman have obtained abundant evidence alleging ballot fraud in Michigan on Steve Bannon’s War Room. Specifically, he emphasized that witnesses in the Dominion Voting Systems disclosed solid evidence to the Trump Campaign regarding the voter fraud. 

(Video source: Steve Bannon’s War Room EP490) 

“There are Democrats who are testifying against the democratic effort because it was so disgusting,” Giuliani alleged in the interview and confirmed that Thor Hearne obtained more than 100 sworn affidavits witnessing the Democratic Party’s voter fraud behaviors. 

According to Giuliani, another attorney, David Kallman has obtained evidence from the “community people and the Dominion People.” He continued, “[among] the observers who were excluded and were lied to, two of them stayed behind after all republicans left out. They are the ones who got the evidence of hundreds of thousands of votes coming in… and they have some photographs also.” 


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