Summary of the Mr. Mask Show 11/12/2020

Translator: W Y. W

Proofreading: Mr. Snail


1. The Biden family’s hard drive, elections, and recent media suppression have affected all aspects of the United States.

It has exerted a significant influence not only on the political, intelligence, media, national defense, and military circles, but also the most common people. Public support has already turn  to Trump judging from the assessment of Biden’s latest elections ,American politics and recent events .It is true. It is indisputable that President Trump will win.

2. Fox’s latest interview video with White House spokesperson Kelly McNerney: Kelly showed 234 pages of sworn testimony. These are true allegations by real witnesses which was signed by notary public, and it was only from Wayne County, Michigan. The testimony stated that 60% of a batch of ballots had the same signature, 35 ballots of which had no voting records but were counted, and 50 ballots of which were counted multiple times by the ticket reader. A woman said that her dead son also voted for some reason. These are just some of the many allegations in a county. In many places, vote-counting supervisors received threats of racial harassment, and they were blocked to supervise the counting of votes. Democratic supervisors distributed documents and teach people how to harass and interfere Republican supervisors.

3. Another video of Fox News on interviewing former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell. She mentioned that there was evidence in Michigan and Pennsylvania that there were major violations in the voting process, including the introduction of false ballots after voting closed. Some witnesses said that they had seen various frauds. Some ballots were placed on the sidewalk, and some were thrown into the trash can. It was votes for Trump that was thrown into the trash can. There is evidence that someone injected the same number of votes into the Wisconsin and Michigan systems. It happened in three different time periods which means that the two vote data entering into Michigan and Milwaukee are exactly the same. And it happened three times.

During the ticket reading, a USB flash drive was inserted into the ticket reader, and a large number of votes were input from the back door late at night. Hundreds or thousands of ballots filled in the same ink are obviously forged. There is a large amount of data showing that hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Biden must be void (because it is illegal). The Dominion system currently in use has an solid defect (it is thought that this defect is actually deliberately set). There are Chinese software and other components in these systems. China has the strongest motive in the world to interfere in this election. She mentioned that the National Security Agency and the National Defense Intelligence Agency once led by General Flynn would investigate this out of national security considerations. She thinks it is very likely that China will manipulate the election to make Joe Biden win.

4. My fellows, when you see these evidences, you must firmly believe that CCP is behind the Democratic Party’s fraud in this election. If President Trump and President Trump’s team were not prepared for this , these evidences would not have been collected in such a short period of time and burst out instantly. These witness, physical evidence and computer software cheating must be prepared from collection to sorting before. When the media announced that Biden was elected, the impact of the news on the financial world was completely huge (the interest groups behind it had already harvested profits). Now it is President Trump and the forces behind it that are starting to fight back. It must be heavily. Not only will President Trump win, but the Republican Party will win in the Senate and House of Representatives, unprecedented.

5. The latest video of the War-room Pandemic: Mr. Bannon mentioned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can’t wait to be the first to come out to congratulate Biden; CCP (seems) polite to postpone the official statement a bit, but they just wear a perfect mask. They have their own reasons not to congratulate Biden: they want to wait until the judicial process is over. And we know that the truth will expose the lies of CCP and the fact that they manipulated the election. The host Raheem mentioned that the picture congratulating Biden posted on Boris’s Twitter was modified with photoshop software. He erased the original congratulations to President Trump, and what Biden posted on PS was just a modification, and he didn’t even bother to do it again. Max commented (sarcasm): This is simply a perfect interpretation of Boris’s political career, and also a perfect interpretation of this election. Boris is a reactionary guy, without any position, he is a failure in modern political history.

Finally, Mr. Bannon mentioned the British situation under the pandemic: (the British government) once again blocked the entire country, he could not understand how the British finances should support all this. Britain is bound to be heavily in debt, and it will take two generations to pay off the debt. At this time, Raheem pointed out the key point: This is a powerful government operation behind (using the pandemic) to push Britain back to the European Union (another huge political operation).

6. All my fellows have seen: The media was manipulated by CCP, when those countries started to congratulate Biden on his election, I pointed it out: Can their behaviors change the fact that President Trump will win the final election? Supporting evil in this battle between justice and evil will be retribution, and it will definitely pay a price. This is a contest between CCP and the United States, and between justice and evil, It is so clear. Can “support and send congratulatory messages” influence the Federal Election Commission’s decision that this election is unconstitutional? Only the (person) who blends with the CCP can be exposed more thoroughly. Of course, many politicians are clumsy. In case it is “really” elected, celebrate in advance, (show) how good this “relationship” is. It is just like the Nanputuo plan revealed by Mr. Guo. When Jiang was not healthy, many people defect to Hu and Tuan group. As a result, Jiang’s recovered, he came back to life, and began to implement the “revenge” plan (against betrayal). Who started liquidation).

7. Secretary Pompeo delivers a strong signal to everyone who congratulates Biden in advance for his election: If foreign leaders contact Biden, there is no big problem if they just say hello. But remember, the United States now there are only one president, one Secretary of State, and one national security team. Next, Secretary Pompeo will visit seven countries that congratulate Biden on his victory. Think about it, everyone. What will the Secretary of State talk about? Could it be praising words?

8. Next is the key news: The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission expose the bombshell news: This election is unconstitutional. The chairman of the election committee said that the election was unconstitutional based on what he saw in Pennsylvania and news from other parts of the world. He said that our entire political culture is focused on accountability to prevent corruption. National law requires observers to be present. If the rules are not followed, the election is illegal. At the same time, the domestic CCP NetEase News reported that the head of the Biden team in Texas was detained by the FBI, and the evidence of fraud was shocking.

9. Several other news:

Georgia will manually recount all paper ballots and the state will manually recount all paper ballots for the presidential election on November 3. This difficult task must be completed by November 20 .

Think about it, everyone, why do we need to recount the votes? What will be the result after the recount? The first one to reveal that CCP will use the pandemic to influence the US elections was Mr. Guo Wen gui and the Whistleblower movement. Now verify one by one.

Hong Kong News: The Standing Committee of the CCP National People’s Congress made a decision on the qualifications of the Hong Kong Legislative Council: The Hong Kong Government announced that 4 democratic members were disqualified. The four members of the Legislative Council immediately lost their qualifications as members of the Legislative Council as soon as they were found to be in accordance with the law because they promoted or supported the “Hong Kong independence” proposition.

As you can see, this is what CCP has already blatantly doing distortedly. So my fellows, if the world does not resist, the world will become Hong Kong. Because of CCP, not only Hong Kong, but the whole world is in crisis.

Epoch Times report: Trump’s large-scale prosecution caused the Biden camp to be stretched to raise 30 million. I heard that there are also fund-raising for Biden, asking Biden to fulfill its promises in return. In this way, the election result is regarded as a deal. Compared with President Trump, Biden is cheating (plus a deal), and President Trump is what the people want.

10. My fellows, let’s take a look at some trends in the pandemic at home and abroad. The entire world, from the previous pandemic prevention war, has now extended to the vaccine war. Many countries claim that their own vaccines are effective, but in fact they are all for the benefit, behind which are the interests of listed companies and various shareholders. It is nothing to do with real treatment and prevention. Mr. Guo mentioned long before, how could it be possible to easily have a vaccine if it is a biological and chemical weapons? So my fellows, do not trust these vaccine information. We still have to pay attention to pandemic prevention and not be infected.

11. Mr. Bannon recently made a voice to the so-called mainstream media: You can’t shut us up, we are the 47th podcast in the world. Part of the reason is GNEWS, GTV, we have a lot of viewers from China. Because we unite people who are ready to fight for freedom. The CCP knows how to invade and fight, the Democratic Party knows how to invade and fight, but let me tell you that the people also know how to fight, and we will never give in.

12. Everyone can review: How much attention on the entire social media before 2017? Since Mr. Guo came out and began the Whistleblower Movement through social media platforms, most overseas Chinese media platforms, whether they support the Whistleblower Movement or not, have been beneficiaries. All benefited from the huge social media platform traffic brought by Mr. Guo’s Whistleblower Movement.

How many people in China came out to see Mr. Guo’s revelations and all kinds of content related to Mr. Guo’s revelations. So our GNEWS and GTV must be the most watched media in the future.

The fact that the Democratic Party and the media focused on false propaganda during the short period of time at the beginning of the US general election. In the face of more and more solid facts, they can no longer continue to make fraud propaganda. In the face of confirmative evidence, the US Federal Election Commission, the American people, and American laws will definitely achieve the result we can foresee now: President Trump will win the election and be re-elected!

Dear fellows, we are about to hold a parade in support of President Trump. Please contact the Long Island brother in New York or our Connecticut farm if you are interested in participating. Thank you all fellows. That’s all for today’s show. See you next time!

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