CCP Virus Pandemic Updates EP 289

1. The Communist Party stipulates in the “Constitution of the People’s Republic of China” that minors must not believe in religion.They call it protection of the minors, which is actually a kind of brainwashing or enslaving ideologically to the young people.

2. With so many harvest disasters happened in various places in China and international grain price rising sharply, the CCP still misleads the people with News media propaganda that the food supply is secured in Communist China and the increase in food prices is not likely to sustain.

3. At the beginning of the year, the CCP claimed that Wuhan pneumonia was preventable and controllable, then it turned to be a pandemic of COVID-19; now, by the end of the year, the CCP also claimed that the CCP’s financial risks are overall controllable. Do you believe it?

4. On November 7, a residential community in Tianjin was closed due to the outbreak of the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

5. The CCP does not respect the rule of law at all, resulting in the lack of a basic sense of trust among the Chinese people: In the past few years, there were several cases of elderly people falling to the ground and being sent to the hospital by enthusiastic passerbys, who were later falsely accused by the elderly. The prosecuted resorted to law, but the court disregarded the facts and ignored the evidence, condemned these brave people as the perpetrators, and verdicted these victims to bear the medical expenses of these unscrupulous elders. Now, if an old man is falling ill on the street, no one dares to help.

6. The CCP is suspected to have forged ballots to interfere in the US presidential election; now it has begun to mislead public opinion inside China, creating an atmosphere in which Trump will not be reelected, and the CCP discusses about Sino-US relations in the Biden Era.

7. The CCP was afraid of Pompeo’s move to build an anti-communist alliance in the Asia-Pacific. It can do nothing but a personal attack to him, deframing him for possible illegal activities during his tenure.

8. (Sen. Josh Hawley, with Tucker Carlson Tonight, 11/6) There needs to be transparency and integrity in this process. Americans need to have confidence that their elections have integrity.

Then that means things like poll watchers from both parties need to be present as ballots are being counted.

That means states need to give an accounting of how many absentee ballots they have left, how many mail in ballots are there.  like ballot harvesting where you pay a third party to go collect ballots. That ought to be illegal .These are the kind of reforms that we need to pursue… Make the election process more transparent and complete. Give Americans more confidence in elections.

9. (11/5  Steve Bannon) We did get pulled down on YouTube and Twitter. The reason  is that we’re too powerful now, we’re getting real information… Fox won’t do it…

And people should know, you pull us down on anything you want to, we’re not stopping, right?We’re up now,and people will find this and we’re getting even stronger and stronger and stronger.

(Maggie VandenBerghe) It’s crazy, the reason we have blown up so much in the last few days is because people are turning away from the mainstream media and they’re coming to you for answers, for clarities on these things.

10. (11/7 Miles Kwok) Brothers and sisters ,what I can tell you that the winner is the New Federal State of China, and Whistleblower Movement.

Who will be the President? Of course it will be President Trump, and the Republican Party!

We have no quarrel or feud with the Democratic Party at all. Hunter Biden’s documents have been revealed but they didn’t try to hurt the New Federal State of China, Whistleblower Movement or Miles Guo.

However, I have to let everyone know one thing. This is not between Miles Guo, the Republicans and Democrats. The Whistleblower Movement and New Federal State of China also have no intention to be involved in U.S. politics.

Remember, everyone, the New Federal State of China, Whistleblower Movement and Miles Guo, we have only one identity and one mission i.e. Take Down the CCP. Whoever that is a friend of the CCP is our an enemy .

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