President Trump is expected to get 311 electoral votes

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Despite the fact there are on-going or upcoming voting fraud litigations in Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, the America’s so called media annouced all electors votes in those states with controversies going to Biden, which caused an illusion that Biden’s votes may take a lead and further tried to cover up Democrats’ massive voting fraud.

According to the latest polls on in the morning of November 12, 2020, it’s shown President Trump has won 217 electoral votes and Biden with 279.  Similarly, this website counted uncertain 32 electoral votes, namely Michigan (16), Nevada (6) and Wisconsin (10) under Biden’s name.  If those 32 uncertain votes are discounted, Biden should get 227 votes in total.

Based on the latest statistics, President Trump has won 3 electoral votes in Alaska, together with the 15 votes in North Carolina, his total electoral votes should be 232 in total. In addition, President Trump’s campaign team has requested a re-count in Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) and Georgia (16 electoral votes) and also initiated legal actions in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Michigan (16 electoral votes) and Arizona (11 electoral votes), and therefore there are 79 uncertain votes by adding Nevada (6 electoral votes).

The following is our analysis on how many electoral votes President Trump can get out of those 6 States with uncertainties or controversies:

1. Georgia: manually recount of every ballot

On November 11, 2020, Georgia’s State Secretary (Brand Raffensperger) announced that election officials will conduct a manual recount of all presidential ballots as President-elect Joe Biden leads in the state by just over 14,000 votes out of nearly 5 million counted.  Georgia is the key swing State not only because it has 16 electors but also it is the first State in this election to request a voluntary recount.  In this election, Biden takes a lead but the gap is narrow, e.g., 14,000 votes is about 0.3%.  Georgia is a Southern state, where the Democratic has never won in this state since 1992.

President Trump’s campaign team announced on November 4, 2020, there is an issue in Georgia’s ballot counting. One Republican poll-watcher has witnessed a poll worker has dumped those un-checked absentee mail-in ballots to those processed absentee votes. Currently, Trump’s team has initiated legal action in the state requesting to suspend the vote counting.

Therefore, President Trump is very likely to win Gerogia.

2. Michigan: Trump’s team has tremendous evidence of voting frauds

As Michigan has 16 electoral votes, there are tremendous irregularities in voting process, many of which have been turned to Trump’s team.

On November 4, 2020, President Trump shared an image of an electoral map of Michigan that purported to show an unexplained jump overnight in the number of returned ballots in the state, over 128,000 ballots had come in out of nowhere, and all of them were for Biden. On November 10, 2020, Dr. Shiva, an American-Indian scientist and also a US Senate candidate in Massachusetts, he had a broadcasting on Youtube by showing his analysis of this election.

Dr. Shiva and his team has adopted the election result in Michigan as their data source. In Michigan, there are over 80 counties and Dr. Shiva’s team analyzed the top 4 counties, in which they looked at the data in Oakland, Macomb and Kent counties and they found irregularities or impossibilities of how the votes vote between the party ballots or individual ballots, where algorithm was detected.  In those precincts with higher support for Republican, more algorithm was detected.

According to analysis made by Dr. Shiva’s team, at least 69,000 votes for President Trump has changed to Biden by Dominion software. In other words, President Trump’s votes have decreased by 69,000 and at the same time Biden’s votes increasing of 69,000 and in total Trump’s margin of 138,000 were discounted.

In addition, there are tremendous dead people’s votes and ghost votes in Michigan.  As thee are solid evidence against the Democrats in this voting fraud, if Trump’s legal action continues, the 16 electoral votes in Michigan should be returned to President Trump.

3. Nevada: 600,000 invalid votes

On November 8, 2020, President Trump’s campaign team held an afternoon press conference in front its election office in North Las Vegas, Clark county, Nevada by updating on the Democrats’ voting frauds, in which they’ve found over 600,000 mail-in ballots on which the votes’ signatures have not been verified, and also there are evidence of dead people’s votes, underaged people received mail-in ballots and also unqualified absentees votes.

Adam Laxalt, the former Attorney General of Nevada, had an interview with Shannon Bream of Fox News in which Judge Laxalt said, we’ve communicated with the AI and computer virtural experts who informed us that the signature verification rate has been lowered 40%. By lowering the sigature verification standard, then the signatures on the ballots would be easily accepted by voting machines.  Shannon asked the former AG, is this your allegation? Mr. Laxalt responded: No, this is not allegation, but facts where will be admissilbe in an open court.

Mr. Laxalt’s statement proved the voting fraud in Nevada by the Democrats, and therefore President Trump is also very likely to win in Nevada.

4. Arizona: the gap is narrowing

It’s reported that votes for President Trump in Arizona claimed their signatures cannot be recognized by voting machines and their votes were deemed as invalud votes. According to the latest unofficial repot, votes for Trump in Arizona have caught up with those for Biden and currently the gap is narrow with less than 1%.  Pursuant to the laws in Arizona, if the gap is less than 0.1%, it triggers automatic recount. As of the night on November 9, 2020, Preisdent Trump has gotten 1.63 million votes, and Biden 1.64 million votes, the gap is about 0.45%.

While the votes are contiuouy counted, Biden’s leading margin is getting narrow and narrow. Fox News claimed on the eletion night that Arizona is favorable to Biden, but at that time there were hundreds of thousands votes were not counted yet.

Trump’s campaign team expected to win Arizona, just like what happened in 2016, President Trump will get 11 electoral votes in Arizona. Trump’s team has initiated a lawsuit in Maricopa Country, Arizona claiming the poll workers have mistakenly rejected voters’ ballots.  It’s reported that some votes going on-site poll stations on the election day were rejected by voting machines due to system errors.

Maricopa Country annouced the voting update on the night of November 9, 2020, it’s shown Biden is leading for only 14,476 votes. The State officials estimated that, there were still 61,500 votes have not been counted yet.  The Governor Doug Ducey stated in an anouncement that, our goal is to complete the counting, and we have rehearsed before the election which would make the voting process easier to block frauds.  This process takes much more time than before but it can make sure the fairness and transparency of the voting process.

Arizona has completed the counting of 98% of the ballots, and President Trump has a bit behind of 11,635 votes.  Since the backdoors of the voting machines have been blocked, it’s very likely Trump will win even without a manual recount.

5. Pennsylvania: Bule color turns into gray color

On November 9, the color of the U.S. election map realclearpolitics quietly changed, and Pennsylvania went from blue to gray again, meaning Pennsylvania withdrew 20 votes attributed to Biden.

In Pennsylvania, on Nov. 4 after Election Day, President Trump had led Biden by hundreds of thousands of votes, according to But on Nov. 5, President Trump’s lead was reduced to less than 50,000 votes as the state continued to count ballots in violation of state law.

Since then, the Trump campaign has filed several ballot-related lawsuits challenging the validity of the ballot deadline and because the Republican Party could not get at least 25 counties in the state to confirm that they had placed their ballots in secure and sealed containers, and those counties had already violated the rules for counting. The Republican Party asked the Supreme Court for an emergency order to stop the counting of ballots. Supreme Court Justice Alito agreed, and on the 6th signed an order requiring that post-November 4 ballots be placed separately for inspection. So, in the end, it was a foregone conclusion that President Trump would win Pennsylvania as well.

6. Wisconsin: irregularities of voting system

In Wisconsin, which is causing a great deal of controversy, the difference between the two candidates is currently only 20,540 votes.

Oddly enough, however, the Wisconsin House of Representatives race saw Republicans win five seats in the state’s eight districts, suggesting that significantly more voters supported the Republicans than the Democrats.

On Fox News Sunday Morning, Maria Bartiromo interviewed Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney, where Sidney talked about the Dominion voting system and said that there was a high probability that there were hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots, saying, ” We have evidence that the voting systems in Wisconsin and Michigan were injected with the same number of (fake) ballots or votes at three different times. I think Michigan injected the exact same number of ballots at two different times and then three times in Milwaukee …… There is overwhelming evidence that there are thousands of ballots that will have to be removed from the ballot that are Biden’s.”

Newsmax reported on Nov. 11 that even Dick Morris, a former Democratic strategist and White House adviser, said, “In Wisconsin, there are six counties where voter turnout exceeded the 60 percent in 2008 and 2016. In the other 54 counties, it was 10 percent or less, so the allegations of vote fraud against the state could be true.”

Meanwhile, according to a series of reports, some glaring discrepancies have been found involving this election due to problems with the Dominion voting system. In Antrim County, Michigan, the corrected election results show President Trump winning the county by more than 2,000 votes. And in Michigan, 47 counties are using the same voting system. Now Michigan Republicans are continuing their push to check the voting systems in other counties.

All that said, President Trump is expected to win 311 electoral votes in this election, a big win over Democrat Biden.

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