Lude Media Morning Brief on Nov 9, 2020

Compiled by Dictation Group, Translated by English Group, Produced by Himalaya Korea Farm


1.CCP claims an “occasional case” of CCPVirus is found in Shanghai.

2.Biden is not only losing the election but sending himself as well as the Swamp into the jail.

3.The election with two parties involved is no longer an internal affair of US due to the interference of the third external party, CCP.

4.Pennsylvania will the key for Trump to reverse the election.

5.Justices of Pennsylvania are standing with Trump now.

6.We are advocates for no one but taking down the CCP.

7.Xi is playing a big game by buying both sides.

8.Our fellow warriors of Whistleblower Movement inside the Wall won’t just sit back and watch Xi smoothly executes his plan.

9.American people know President Trump is a doer instead of a talker.

10.A just cause enjoys abundant support. Our warriors are never to be alone.

11.To spread the truth is to help Trump.


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