“The statistical case against a Biden Win”, Part1: Turnout

By 叶子 Edit: andreas (德意志之鹰)

Steve [email protected]

On 11 November 2020, the Trump 2020 Campaign senior adviser for Strategy, Steve Cortes, explained with chalk-talk on Twitter about why substantial votes for Biden are likely fraudulent from a statistical point of view. He also published an Op-Ed on National Pulse about the statistical improbability of the Biden win.

Moreover, the further audit and investigation of Biden’s voting results are urgent and necessary, since the statistic has exposed some compelling evidences.

With detailed statistic examples, he uses four videos to specify the area where further audit and investigation are imperative.

The first video is to look at “turnout”.

Turnout was exceedingly high in the places that Joe Biden needed to excel. But that defies logic of normal statics of voting history of the United States and Abroad.

For example, In Wisconsin, state wide turnout was over 90 percent, which comes near to the 92 percent turnout rate in the country of Australia where voting is mandatory and people could get fined if they don’t vote.

The same circumstances occurred in the city Milwaukee, which was critical for the Wisconsin state.

Milwaukee provided 145,000 votes to Biden and it counted even more than all of the surplus for him in the entire state.

Turnout in Milwaukee was a stunning 84 percent in comparison with the 51 percent turnout rate in Cleveland where is another Midwestern city with a similar demographic and similar size.

Could that be that Milwaukee naturally has much higher turnout rate than Cleveland? How reliable is the turnout rate in Milwaukee? The “turnout” statistics are plainly very suspicious. Those are unanswered questions that need further investigation.

More coming up…


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5 months ago

行動。 通過 總統要求我們給他發送“蝸牛郵件”信。 這封信是要對所有50個州進行全額審核。 發送給唐納德·J·特朗普總統; 白色的房子; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave華盛頓特區20500 他將以此作為向最高法院的證據。 他要求我們所有人向他發送“硬拷貝”信,以作為我們人民要求進行審核的證據。 請明天再做。 讓您家庭中的每個註冊選民發送一封單獨的信。 我們需要聚集白宮的郵件室。 謝謝。 以上信息今天晚上在Newsmax上報導:特朗普總統已被Twitter,FB等電子郵件審查。 預先感謝您將其轉發給朋友和家人。 是的,PO必鬚髮送郵件 **將其傳遞給所有特朗普支持者***

5 months ago

ACTION. PASS ON The President has asked us to send him “snail mail” letters. The letter is to DEMAND A FULL AUDIT of all 50 states. Send this to President Donald J Trump; WHITE HOUSE; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20500 He will use this as evidence to the Supreme Court. He is asking all of us to send him HARD COPY letters as evidence we, the People, are demanding an audit. Please do this tomorrow. Have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room. Thank you. The above… Read more »


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