The Rise of the New Federal State of China during the U.S. Election

Author: Himalayan Canada Toronto Farm ctt
Edited by: Liberte

In recent days, Mr. Wengui said many times: “The biggest winners in this U.S. election have been our New Federal State of China (NFCS), G-TV, and G-News.”

The NFSC was established on June 4th of this year. Because of the influence of its founder, Mr. Wengui, as well as large-scale anti-CCP protests, and the disclosure of the truth about the CCP virus, the awareness of G-News, G-TV and the NFSC has grown. However, what has really made it stand out is the U.S. election this year.

Before the election, our NFSC fighters disclosed, on G-TV and G-news, the Biden family’s corruption, how they collaborated with the CCP to sell-out America. A large number of videos, photos, and emails from three hard drives were disclosed. This is completely different from how mainstream media has portrayed the Biden family. It shocked the American people and made them see the true face of the Biden family. As a result, a large number of votes flowed to Trump in the election.

Mr. Guo said: “He went to a church where the pastor originally supported the Democratic Party. After reading our Whistleblower news, he became a Trump supporter, and 90% of the people in his church also voted for Trump”. This is the power of our media. This election is not only a battle between good and evil, it is also a media battle.

In a very short time, a large number of voters in the United States turned to support Trump. The Democratic Party did not expect this so they had to resort to voting fraud in order to have a chance of prevailing. The main methods of cheating we have seen are: ballots submitted for dead people; more votes being submitted than the number of voters registered on the voter rolls; ballots being submitted multiple times in the same name; ballots from addresses that are no longer valid; ballot machine software being hacked; ballots marked for Trump being destroyed. Fighters of the NFSC immediately reported these instances of fraud in G-News, and social media, making the American people aware.

In this battle between good and evil, Mr. Guo has been our quarter-back. He may be directing this fishing operation alone with others. He once said: “Six months ago, three people were released from Qincheng Prison and two of them snuck into Canada. I knew what was going to happen.” The fighters on Himalaya farms were divided into “material”, “translation” and “communication” groups. They have been working together in a coordinated manner, and are feeding news to G-news, G-TV, and other media. During the “Critical 13 Days” some fighters have worked very long hours. We thank them for their contribution!

Fortunately, events are unfolding favorably for President Trump, and should allow him to achieve a victory. More than 70 million American voters are behind him as he stands for justice, freedom and democracy. I believe President Trump will win. The NFSC has changed the United States and the world during this election. Just like Fox rose to prominence during the Watergate incident, G-News, G-TV and the NFSC will achieve prominence from their coverage during this election. It will be the only legitimate representative of the Chinese people.

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