Bombshell! Presidential Lawyer’s Consecutive Tweets Warn Americans to Confront CCP Threats

  • Editor: Victor Torres       
  • Translator: Ranting

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On November 12, Lincoln Wood, a prominent human rights barrister in the Trump camp, issued a series of tweets alerting the United States to the threat from Communist China.

In the last 20 years, he said, the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated the United States. Many local, state and national government officials and politicians have either been corrupted by money or have become targets of CCP extortion. Others simply believe in communism.

The first principle of war is to recognize the enemy. The U.S. is in the midst of a good v.s. evil war with the Chinese Communist Party, which is attacking the U.S. with biochemical weapons coronaviruses to control the American lifestyle. They also use the Dominion voting system to control US elections.

In 2016, the Democrats claimed that Russia had essentially interfered in the U.S. election, which was discovered through an investigation to be a lie. In 2020, it will soon be proven that the Chinese Communist Party in fact interfered in the general election. Every lie will be exposed, he said. Americans involved in fraudulent conspiracies to subvert legitimately elected presidents are traitors, and the Chinese Communist Party has orchestrated it all. America, with the blessing of a just God, will strike back.

Communist ideology dominates Hollywood, mainstream media, and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, he said. Americans are being played and they must look out for themselves, fight for freedom and stop being manipulated.

Attorney Lincoln Wood argues that communism has been creeping into America for decades, entering schools, movies, television, and the Internet, influencing government officials and politicians, and that communists boast that they will take over America without a shot being fired. Only the American people can stop it.

He also quips, “Ask the oppressed people how much they like life under Communist tyranny?” “Oh, I forgot. They can’t speak freely in the face of imprisonment and death threats. My bad.”


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We Are America
6 months ago

They got my YT channel I cannot upload anymore, God Bless All


6 months ago
Reply to  We Are America

That explains the deleted videos in my queue this morning