Lude Media News (Morning) — Nov. 13, 2020

Recap Composer: Faller ; Translator: TonyJ

Keywords: Illegal Votes, Taiwan Strait Relations, CCP Immigration Administration, Outbound Tourism, Entry-Exit Document Applications

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP carefully congratulated Biden and Harris; Canada gave a green light to the Hong Kong people, saying that recent graduates could apply for three-year working visas. After working for one year, they could apply for permanent residency and would not be affected by Chinese National Security Law. The Hong Kong Journalists Association members now have to register their real names and obtain the approval of the Chief Secretary for Administration to march.

2. The epidemic continues to reach new highs, with more than 640,000 confirmed cases and 10,000 deaths in a single day for the first time.

3. Giuliani told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs: he has found enough illegal votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan to overturn the current election results, thus securing President Trump’s victory. Lude clarifies the concept of “illegal votes” and “fraud”. 

4. The Epoch Times reports: ” Ms. Melissa Carone, a Dominion software contractor, states in a new affidavit that she witnessed “fraudulent activity” at the Detroit polling place on election day. Giuliani’s wisdom: illegal ballots don’t count, only legal ballots.

5. Lude shows Edison data of Dominion voting system in Antrim County, Michigan, with different data in red and blue boxes: President Trump’s vote count was reduced. 

6. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a radio interview this Thursday: “Taiwan has never been a part of China, and this has been recognized since the Reagan Administration, and the United States has been holding such position for the past 35 years. Both parties have followed it, and it is a fact across party lines.

Taiwan’s Presidential Office responded: it is an indisputable fact that Republic of China (Taiwan) is a sovereign nation.

An Hong added: Since Premier Zhu Rongji, the Chinese Communist Party has been saying “our missiles could hit Taiwan, leaving no one on the island”, without a shred of compassion for the people of Taiwan.

7. NetEase News: The Immigration Bureau of China strictly controls the cross-border activities of unnecessary individuals,  and strictly reviews the applications of Chinese citizens for travel or any other entry-exit documents.

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