War Room: Pandemic Ep 492 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

War room Greg reported a new lawsuit is filed in Michigan: the Trump campaign is filing a new lawsuit in Detroit federal court arguing unequal treatment of republican and democratic poll watchers and this was announced by campaign counsel Matt Morgan.

Bannon commented the seriousness of such unequal treatment as they has flipped hundreds of thousands of the ballots saying they are not accurate. they are not playing small ball and it’s hard to sort it out.

As President Trump and first lady were at Arlington national cemetery for Veterans day remember our brave American veterans who have fought for centuries to secure our freedom,  that’s the American spirit, that’s what we want you to have your chins up your chest out because this fight is not over and it’s not in our DNA to give up.

Bannon: No more whining, no more pearl clutching. We’re in a fight, and we’re either going to win or lose. We’ve got to fight to close the victory of President Donald J. Trump. We’ve won, and we can close on this victory. We can have the same exact victory we had in 2016.

The Left understands that, the only way they’re going to get this is to steal it. Why are no Republican officials in NEVADA, GEORGIA standing up? Where was this on November 3?

JOE BIDEN ‘s campaign is not stepping up, understanding their biggest problem is going to be legitimacy, legality.

They don’t want to answer any questions, especially about CCP compromise.

Wilson Powell: The statistical jump we saw overnight in WISCONSIN is completely abnormal compared to the rest of the curve.

JF radio show : GEORGIA GOP is split between those who want status quo, and those who want to defend the will of the 71 million people who voted for President DONALD TRUMP.

Giuliani : BIDEN campaign has a unique advantage — that 99% of the media is in the tank for them despite illegalities, fraud. Witnesses are coming out of the woodwork.

We have over 1,000 affidavits. We have evidence. But MSM coverage is such that the American people don’t hear that.

Fog City Midge informed that the march for Trump is going to be this Saturday in Washington DC, it’s starting at high noon at Freedom Plaza, which is just a few blocks from the White House. But big Tech and the mainstream media actually sent emails out said it was cancelled by the organizers. What a bold face lie! They tried to bring the muscle to crush you. But look at Hong Kong. We’re not backing down an inch. We’re closing on victory. Trump is raising his hand at high noon on the 20 of January.

Also there are folks of New Federal state of China who are fighting for their freedom. To essentially replace the Chinese commies party and give the people of China rule of law, freedom, democracy, they’re incredibly brave, they’ve been all throughout the globe and they are going to the rally. They also did rally in midsummer in hot weather shouting CCP lied, people died.

New Federal States of China supporter Alice talked on CCP’s irregular warfare and unrestricted warfare in the US: We support a fair election and legal vote.

This is the fight of American and Chinese patriots. The Hard Drive From Hell shows JOE BIDEN is 100% CCP – owned. If he wins, it’s a lose-lose.

Alice: We 1.4 billion Chinese are watching this election closely, we have never voted in my life and CCP cannot represent the 1.4 billion Chinese. and we follow Miles, we set up the New Federal States of China were fostering freedom, democracy and rule of law, so we support fair election and against illegal votes.

We side with American patriots, this is also the side of Chinese patriots. Why? The hard drive from hell shows that Biden is 100% owned by CCP. If Biden wins, it will be lose-lose for American deplorables and Chinese deplorables.

It showed the CCP’s infiltration in America, BGY, and the virus is unrestricted bio weapon and Dr. Yan has told us that it was not from the nature. Look at the information warfare, this is also part of the unrestricted warfare. Mainstream media, fake news is misleading. Who is the real owner of CNN, New York Times? Beijing Gehua TV. Look at social media Twitter, it’s large scales account suspension and content blockage, Feifei Li representing CCP, she is a board member of Twitter.

Liz Yore is former prosecutor and one of the toughest individuals out there hard-headed and clear-eyed on the investigative reporter on Catholic church in Vatican, which they’ve been waiting for two years, but it is a score settling crass whitewash of his efforts to cover up.

The long march through our institutions that the Chinese counties party has taken is not just wall street, is not just the city of London, it’s also our cultural institutions, it’s our great universities, it’s the great opera houses and museums but one of the things that’s dearest everybody is the church.

In China today, the official Catholic church or the one that Pope Francis controls has sold out the Chinese and the Chinese people to the Chinese Communist Party with a secret deal.

One of the most evil individuals in the history of the United States in particular modern times that would be Mr. Wuerl , the United States cardinal in Washington DC was a power broker and quite close to Joe Biden. 

The bidding of the Vatican in the China deal, the Chinese communists, this is a man who is a favourable to the communist government and who is one of Pope’s first call in the Obama administration in 2009? None other than vice President Elect Joe Biden. Chinese communists know that sexual predators,  Hunter Biden is very easily compromised and blackmailed and bought and that’s why they use sexual predators to do their bidding.

Bannon said this story’s gonna have depth because the tying together of the deep state and the deep church is big and liberation theology.

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