The ‘rumorous’ water marks on the ballots

Mr. Miles Guo, in his first live streaming after the 2020 US Election , refuted the existence of water marks on ballots.

However, his closest followers could recall a live stream from few years ago, where Mr. Miles Guo revealed that he held an in-depth discussion with high-ranking officials from the West over the topic of the blockchain technology. In that live streaming, he raised the question whether President Trump could put this technology into use.

Many ridiculed President Trump for his confidence when he said he has won the 2020 Presidential election. A post by Miles Guo on hinted that Trump and his campaign team had monitored the entire election process.

Screenshot from Miles Guo post on Getter,

In his tweet on November 11th, President Trump expressed his grievance over the fraudulent voting in this election.

Screenshot from Twitter

It seems logical to ask the following questions. Why did President Trump’s personal attorney, Mr. Rudy Giuliani go to Philadelphia on November 5th, two days after the election?  Could the Quantum Blockchain System triggered the very first alarm in that city? Could Trump’s team have known, from the very beginning, about what Corey Lewandowski was planning in Philadelphia and Clayton County? 

InfoWars interview of former US intelligence chief

A live interview on November 5th brightened up the mood of many Trump supporters. It was InfoWar’s live interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik who is a former US intelligence chief and also the very first person who exposed the water marks on ballots.

Video from Bitchute

In this live interview, Dr. Pieczenik revealed the biggest sting operation in American history is being implemented. President Trump, together with some members of intelligence, military and surveillance community in the government, understood exactly how corrupted Biden and democratic machinery is, was and will be.

Before he became the President, Donald Trump had also tweeted about his concerns over election fraud back in 2012.It is therefore not too far-fetched to believe that he was prepared for the voter frauds in this election, as he has been saying it repeatedly for six months.

If QFS blockchain encryption code was indeed used to watermark every ballots, it would enable the Trump’s team to monitor the entire election process.

According to Dr. Pieczenik, everything that has happened was expected and they are all part of the sting operation. Roughly 20 thousands national guards have been secretly dispatched to 12 different states.

A story on Before It’s News corroborated the story

On Sunday, Nov 8, 2020, Before It’s News published a themed article titled ‘Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes’ mentioned.

The article stated that an invisible code watermark, registered on a Quantum Blockchain System, was printed on every ballot in order to prevent fraud counts. In addition, over 500 members of the US’s National Guard were deployed to 12 states to monitor their ballot counting units.

The article claimed that as of writing, 78% of the recounts has failed a laser scanning test as there was no watermarks on them, and 100% of these failed counts were checked for Biden.

An electronic radiation circuit ID which can be used for location tracking is also printed on each validated ballot.

This seems to corroborate with Dr. Pieczenik’s statement on the ballot’s traceability. And if it is in fact true, the most likely candidate who will win this unprecedented, nerve wrenching Presidential Election is President Donald J. Trump.

Author: rosabona

Proof-reader: XO酱

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6 months ago

Thank you all for standing up for humanity !

6 months ago

Being that states print their own ballots this could only happen if the DHS supplied the paper stock and oversaw the initial ballot printing from within. The man making this claim would be throwing his credibility out the window if it was 100 percent false…however I doubt they would put the claim out there in 100 percent accuracy nor the whole process because giving your enemy a heads up isn’t how Trump rolls. Congress has been upset before by Trump not keeping them in the loop, of course they’d jeopardize the lives of Americans and give the enemy a heads… Read more »

6 months ago

BTW, I believe what the Feds were watching from the Eisenhower Bldg. SCIF was the implementation of the Hammer/Scorecard technology that flipped the vote.
Dr. Pieczenik said that last week, 20,000 National Guard had been deployed to 12 States with the proper light equipment to differentiate the properly marked, i.e. “legal”, votes from the fake ones sent in from Szechuan.

6 months ago

Dr. Pieczenik is a very credible source. Additionally, Susan Price, a Gold Star Mom published the pdf of the patent for the QFS Block chain watermark Encrypted Code. You can see it here:

6 months ago
Reply to  Bobbi

One large problem with the idea put forth by Mr Pieczenik is the fact that states print ballots, not the federal government. How would the feds get all the ballots watermarked without having control of their production? Not saying it is impossible but I agree with Mr Guo, the watermark scenario does not seem likely. Fraud was undoubtedly done, but I’ve seen nothing to convince me that we have everything in the bag because of some grand watermark plan. I believe Mr P is actually a CIA plant who would like us to sit back and not fight when of… Read more »

6 months ago
Reply to  Bobbi

A lots of citizens aren’t hearing what Dr. Pieczenik is talking about . Just like sometimes is not easy to listen to what AJ is yelling about !


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