Lude Media Evening Brief on Nov 8, 2020

Compiled by Dictation Group, Translated by English Group, Produced by Himalaya Korea Farm


1.The legal action taken in every state will reverse the election.

2.Voter fraud is a crime.

3.The frauds in the election is obvious that Trump can take the initiative.

4.Trump had no choice but to take down the CCP.

5.CCP resorted to their hidden power in America to interfere the election.

6.Now it’s the battle between socialism and democracy, liberty and rule of law.

7.President Trump now totally understand that only to take down the CCP is to save America.

8.If the election were to be stolen, there would never be a fair one again.

9.If Biden won the presidency, he would absolutely acquiesce CCP invasion of Taiwan.

10.New Federal State of China will resolutely stand with Taiwanese anyway.

11.We must stand with the President Trump.

12.Whistleblower Movement stands at the forefront in history and influence the world considerably.

13.American people won’t tolerate the voter fraud.

14.If more and more votes results in 50 state are reversed, CCP will respond strongly.



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We Are America
2 months ago

De Blasio’s Street Activist Daughter Admits Joe Biden “Was Able to Steal” the Election

2 months ago

Excellent information. Thank you very much.