11/11 Miles Guo: Whistleblower Movement & US Election

Miles Guo gives his insights about the current events in China and the US during his live broadcast on Nov 11, 2020.

Food Shortage in China

During his breakfast, Miles Guo asks the friends of the Whistleblower Movement in China to plan ahead for days without food.

Yesterday, some Chinese soldiers got disciplined for wasting food and the incident got escalated to senior-level and the entire army. Actually, the so-called “food waste prevention” is to limit food consumption in the army.

This information allows Mr. Guo to assess the severity and urgency of the issue. If the army is making a big deal out of food waste, the Chinese Communist Party must be facing a severe food shortage.

The Whistleblower Movement has been forewarning about the food crisis in China since last year. Here are some of the reasons and examples:

  • China relies heavily on food imports to feed the 1.4 billion Chinese. But the communist regime has been reducing food imports from the US in order to hurt the Trump voters. China’s dwindling foreign currency reserve also negatively impacts its food import.
  • Pandemic and severe floods have reduced agricultural output in China. Some Chinese local governments were forcing farmers to produce low-profit rice instead of high-profit fruits or vegetables.
  • The strategic grain reserve in China becomes unreliable after a series of corruption-related scandals and mysterious fires before inspections.
  • Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, started a nationwide “clean plate” initiative to curb food waste. Restaurants are limiting the number of dishes that can be ordered by their customers.

US Presidential Election

The Whistleblower Movement has a perfect track record. There is no exception this time regarding the outcome of the US presidential election.

The Whistleblower Movement is the only force in the world that firmly believes in a Trump victory.

Despite the fake news about Biden’s winning, Mr. Joe Biden will lose in this presidential election and the Democratic Party will not have the majority seats in the House or Senate.

The Secretary of Defense has been replaced by a confidant of China hawk Michael Flynn. General Flynn is one of those persons that hate the Chinese Communist Party the most. His (former) team members have been assigned important tasks in areas not limited to the Department of Defense, FBI, and the Department of Justice. They are the top military and intelligence experts.

If it were for the Whistleblower Movement, the American people would not have awaken.

If it were for the Whistleblower Movement, the American people would not have avoided a disaster.

If it were for the Whistleblower Movement, the world would have to pay a much heavier price and even descend into hell.

Why does the Chinese Communist Party want to destroy the US?

Miles Guo has gained profound knowledge of the inner workings of the CCP when he was in China. When his American friends asked him why the CCP want to destroy the US, he provided straightforward answers because the CCP does not have any sophisticated motives:

  • Turn the US into a communist country just like the People’s Republic of China ruled by the CCP.
  • Turn the US political system into socialism.
  • Rape your wives and daughters whenever they want to.

Miles describes what will happen if the CCP controls the US:

  • the churches in the US will have to be converted into socialist training centers
  • the CCP will be printed on the US dollar bills
  • the White House will fly both the US and the CCP flags

His American friends did not think that these would happen, but Miles told them: “They are happening now.”

Pfizer Vaccine is a Hoax

How can you believe that there can be a vaccine for the CCP-virus If you believe that it is a biochemical weapon? The CCP can produce new strains of viruses any minute.

Pfizer’s research and development centers are in China. You can find how deeply Pfizer is involved with the CCP simply by checking its large shareholders.

Pfizer will suffer the consequences of announcing the vaccine prematurely because of potential lawsuits.

Please avoid getting contracted with the virus and never put your trust in any vaccinations against the CCP-virus.

Vaccines are nothing but false hopes offered by politicians and the tycoons of pharmaceutical companies.

Big Loss for Shorting Hong Kong Dollar

The investors who were shorting the Hong Kong dollar with 200-times leverage suffered big losses after the US media announced Biden’s winning.

Kyle Bass‘s hedge fund has lost 50% shorting the Hong Kong dollar. Saraca Media Group put in $100 million. It has already lost $50 million.

Fortunately, Miles Guo has been advising against shorting the Hong Kong dollar.

GTV and GNews

G-TV has become a mainstream media, especially during the 13-Day Decisive Battle before the election, which has changed the course of human history.

There were over 300 million viewers on G-TV during Miles Guo’s first live broadcast after his return on Nov 7.

A Google executive, who immigrated from Taiwan, told Miles that the Webpage visits for G-TV, GNews, and the Chinese content reached an all-time high during the 13-Day Decisive Battle.

Many Americans thanked Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement for saving the US. Miles said that he prays to God for saving the US.

G-TV and GNews have emerged as big winners of this election because of the relentless efforts put in by the friends of the Whistleblower Movement.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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