Miles Guo – A tsunami of trouble brewing for Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen and the CCP

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Today, November 10th, 2020, Miles Guo held a live stream event with David in the UK which covered several current issues. Miles mentioned the ballots in Arizona and the dilemma that the CCP faces with Joe Biden: to congratulate or not. Miles also hinted at the coming changes in laws that will affect mainstream and social media companies. In his opinion, the ill-advised actions of the Taiwanese president, dug a very deep hole for Taiwan and trouble is expected on that front. Lastly, Miles talked about the contribution of the Whistleblower Movement in the fight for justice.

Arizona – the start of the rebirth of America

“Arizona will abolish all the votes from fraudulent ballots. President Trump is about to reverse the election results and win the election. Election vote fraud is no joke, but a serious crime. Trump will be  Washington reborn, and the Republican Party will reshape America.

——— Miles Guo

Dilemma for the CCP

The CCP does not dare to congratulate Joe Biden, because they know there are other cards in our hand. During the CCP’s manipulation of the U.S. election, their executors unintentionally left tracks of their fraud so that it can be easily traced. The election vote manipulation actually became part of the sting operation that the Trump team can take advantage of in their legal challenge to the manipulated results.

——— Miles Guo

Future CCP leader seeks cooperation from us

Recently, the next leader of the CCP contacted me. He knew that the United States would eliminate the CCP after the election. He did not want to go down with the CCP. He was seeking cooperation and support from us to be the future elected president of the new China.

——— Miles Guo

The contribution of the Whistleblower Movement

“Before the presidential election, our Whistleblower Movement was persistent in spreading truth and pursuing justice. We have become the biggest winner in this election. 

The biggest contribution we made to the world is to reshape their understanding and perception of the Chinese people, of human nature, the basic judgment of right and wrong, distinguishing between the CCP and China, separation of the CCP from the Chinese people. This enables the West to have new hope for the Chinese.”

——— Miles Guo

Big hammer coming down on the media

“The Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act will reshuffle the mainstream media as well as the Silicon Valley social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter. These people who have tried to control our freedom of speech and thought have no future.

——— Miles Guo

A tsunami of trouble brewing for Taiwan

“Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen’s premature congratulations to Joe Biden on his “election” has hurt Taiwan as much as the CCP’s threat to Taiwan for the past 70 years

The Republican Party is very angry about this. Taiwan will certainly pay a high price for it. Trump’s intention to visit Taiwan before the election was also refused by Ms. Tsai. It is a very sad and terrible state of affairs.”

Let’s pray for the American people, the people of Taiwan, the people of Hong Kong and the people of the world who still have a conscience and the willingness to fight for justice.

——— Miles Guo

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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