[LUDE Media] Pres. Trump Completely Awakened and Believes Only the Whistleblower Movement Can Destroy the CCP!

The “LUDE Media” evening program on November 8, 2020 continued following up on the progress of the US presidential election. Arizona will announce good news that President Trump will win the state’s votes. In addition, legal actions in multiple states are in full swing. After this incident, President Trump has completely awakened, and it is a fight of life or death between him and the Chinese Communist Party. Only by believing in the Whistleblower Movement can successfully destroy the CCP. All brothers-in-arms must act and bravely spread the truth!

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The LUDE Media will continue to focus on the U.S. presidential election in the evening program on November 8, 2020:

1. Good news in Arizona

Mr. Miles Guo mentioned on the Getter live broadcast in the morning: After the adjustment of the vote-counting software for the US presidential election in Arizona, President Trump will lead by at least 12,000 votes, and an announcement will be made within 24 hours. All the information that the Whistleblower Movement exposed did not come from speculation, but from reliable intelligence and a clear understanding of the CCP.

Image source: https://gtv.org/getter/5fa84cabad3f0f61d2be6dd9

2. The progress of the US residential election legal actions in various states

In addition, legal actions in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and other regions are in full swing. Judges in Pennsylvania have announced that mailed ballots will be counted separately, and investigators will be conducting identity verification on those separate counted ballots. Giuliani has already issued a statement stating that 700,000 of these votes were counted in the absence of Republican Observers. These votes will certainly not be included, and many false votes have also been exposed online.

There is evidence that 450,000 votes casted only for Biden without filling any other options (the House of Representatives, senators, governors, state legislators, etc.). Following this trail will uncover a large amount of facts and evidence proving the voting fraud. This is completely illogical. It is impossible for a large number of votes filled in only for the presidential option (for Biden) without filling in other election options. It is probably because a large number of illegal ballots were produced in a rushed manner. As the investigation continue, these fraudulent acts will eventually enter legal proceedings. Many agencies involved will turn themselves in and provide evidence to protect themselves, which will undoubtedly speed up the process to produce the final election results.

All brothers-in-arms must remember: This US presidential election is different from the past. So far, the Whistleblower Movement has not revealed its big move. In the end, the New Federal State of China will be the biggest winner.

Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team, said in an interview with Fox News: The evidence shows that at least the following aspects are used to falsify in a collaborative manner:

1. Votes casted by dead people.

2. Created votes for Biden.

3. Many ballots listed Biden as the only option.

4. Calculated the number of votes needed to reverse the outcome, and then directly modify it through the computerized vote counting system.

5. Post Offices revised the date for ballots to be received.

These five aspects of voting fraud are obvious. Even these cases ultimately reach the Supreme Court, it is still President Trump’s victory. From a public perspective, Wisconsin’s previous voter turnout rate was about 70%, but this time the voter turnout rate rose to 90%. Not only that, but there are other anomalies in this election: the graph does not conform to statistical patterns; votes for the presidential election are mismatched with votes for senate Republican candidates: For example, the vote gap between President Trump and Senator Republicans in Michigan were only more than 7,000, while the gap between Biden and Democratic senators is more than 70,000 – which is ten times the difference. Georgia also has this problem – the one has a difference of more than 800 votes, and the other has a difference of more than 90,000 votes. Compared with previous data, this gap can completely prove the fraud.

3. Pulitzer Prize-winning left-leaning journalist Laurie Garrett pushes to send President Trump to prison.

Laurie Garrett, a Pulitzer Prize-winning left-leaning American journalist, tweeted to discuss how to prevent President Trump from pardoning himself and sending President Trump to prison through a legal battle.

Image source: https://twitter.com/Laurie_Garrett/status/1325514734268010497

Earlier, the LUDE Media said in the program that if President Trump does not destroy the Communist Party, then the CCP will destroy the Trump family using its power. At this time, President Trump has no other choices. It is now the matter of life and death. It is also the moment President Trump is determined to destroy the Communist Party and announcing the CCP as an illegitimate government. If there is no Whistleblower Movement, and if there are no continuing intelligence provided by Mr. Miles Guo to the United States, the CCP’s 3F American plan will succeed, and the Trump family will be destroyed by the CCP.

LUDE Media revealed, according to reliable intelligence sources, President Trump has seen through the true faces of the CCP from this incident. He has changed his previous attitude towards the CCP and thoroughly understand the importance of intelligence information sent to him previously by Whistleblower Movement. President Trump will strike the CCP directly by knocking out the CCP leadership. Only when the CCP is eliminated can the United States rise again, and the virus issue can be resolved.

4. As Monday approaches, Giuliani’s team will begin taking legal actions

Image source: https://twitter.com/RudyGiuliani/status/1325437154575704065

Giuliani tweeted that a large number of dead people “participated” in the election: “former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier voted in the 2018 election. He died on 11/7/2011!!! Will Smith’s grandfather voted in 2017, 2018, and he died in 2016. I bet Biden dominates this group. We will find out.”

Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Bannon are President Trump’s right-hand men. Mr. Giuliani will be leading his legal team in conducting a thorough investigation of the election fraud. He will use all resources to restore the truth. These mainstays are also influencing more politicians and on public opinions. More and more Republicans have now expressed their support for President Trump and for a thorough investigation of the truth about election fraud.

The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, tweeted congratulating Biden on winning the Presidential election. She has no idea that after Biden becomes the President of the United States, Xi Jinping’s first step will be invading Taiwan. The Biden administration will remain silent when Xi takes over Taiwan, Hong Kong and occupy the South China Sea. Tsai Ing-wen’s action has exposed her true intention for her own interests as President of Taiwan. She only care about her political career and is inconsiderate about the common interests for the people of Taiwan.

Mr. Miles Guo has already seen through this reality. We cannot rely on Taiwan to destroy the communist party. We can only rely on ourselves. We can only succeed by improving our own strength. To this day, the Whistleblower Movement has experienced so many miracles. The occurrence of these miracles proves that Whistleblower Movement to destroy the communist party is God’s will. All our brothers- in-arms, you must act bravely, and you will succeed with your actions!!!

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