Lude Media News (Night) — Nov. 9, 2020

Recap Composer: Eaglets; Translator: Bing


1. Trump officially fired the Secretary of Defense today and appointed Christopher Miller as the Acting Secretary of Defense. He was the Deputy Secretary of Defense in charge of Counter-Terrorism and Military Operations. The Acting Defense Secretary does not need to be approved by the House of Representatives and can be appointed directly by Trump. Christopher Miller’s special operations expertise will be utilized specifically on China’s attacks.

2. McConnell supports President Trump. The United States will use the Department of Justice to investigate election fraud. Barr formally authorized the Justice Department to investigate the legitimacy of the vote.

3. Shameless Biden calls for a transfer of power, but the request was rejected by the White House, stating that most state election results had not yet been sent to Congress.

4. George W. Bush sent a letter endorsing Trump’s recount, showing the Bush family’s sudden change of position.

5. The deep effects of replacing the Secretary of Defense are beginning to kick in. Trump could not be re-elected without the support of the Republican Party, as there are many steps requiring partisan support from the election to the final acceptance of the presidency. Some of Trump’s policies since 2016 such as the military withdrawals brought harm to some Republicans’ interests, therefore work must be done to balance those interests.


1. Christopher Miller could provide the correct leadership to counter the CCP’s infiltration in national defense. He once stated that the entire Chinese navy could be destroyed in 72 hours.

Dr. Bo:

1. Miller, who was in charge of special operations, was appointed, suggesting that he could be tasked with special assignments to operate in this position. He took part in the beheading operation of the leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

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