Miles Guo Exposed Chinese Vice President’s Role As “Invisible Lord” Of “Dual Cultivation”

In his live broadcast on December 15th, Mr. Guo has once again shocked audiences by exposing Wang Qishan and his gang’s involvement in predating underage females for sex and controlling them in their cult of ” Dual Cultivation”.

Dual Cultivation” is believed by some Buddhists that sex could be used to exchange and strengthen vital energies. Sex is the unique form of cultivation! To Wang Qishan, the ” Dual Cultivation” is also a weapon that must be used to take down his political opponents in the so-called anti-corruption campaign. Mr. Guo said after the 18th National Congress, most of the Chinese officials were arrested for their prurience while they practice” Dual Cultivation” AKA “Double Body (male and female) Method”. Since such practice has become so “epidemic” among the high-ranking officials of the CCP, they come to believe that having sex with the young and the underage can energize and even rejuvenate their aged bodies. On the other hand, “Dual Cultivation” has become an important piece of evidence that can be used to take down the dissident senior officials.

“And Wang Qishan, as the lord of the cult, has indeed become the most powerful person in China by integrating the CCP’s politics and the “Dual Cultivation” cult,” said Guo ” What is Wang Qishan up to? He is trying to govern the country not based on the law but through sexual intercourse! That is how Wang reigns his dark empire.” Wang Qishan has been rolling out his plan for so many years. By rooting his power in China’s financial system and spreading his influence from Guang Dong Province to Hainan Island, he has established his empire in Hainan and made it the “Pleasure Island. ” The Chairman of HNA Group Chen Feng has been Wang’s running dog for many years, who has helped Wang establish and run the empire in Hainan since the 90s.

Wang has brought numerous Chinese officials to the island and indulged them by offering young and even underage females for sex. In the meantime, they have pledged to the cult by practicing the ” Dual Cultivation.” This is the way that Wang Qishan expands his empire and consolidates his power by controlling and eliminating CCP officials through sex and lust in the name of Buddhism practice ” Dual Cultivation.”

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