The Farm: Wang Qishan and the Pedophile Rings of the CCP

In a previous article ‘The Farm: The Key CCP Cultural Difference’, we covered the company “RYB Education” (NYSE: RYB) and the fact that it is merely a company serving as a ring for pedophiles to get direct access to children. Miles has gone into some more depth on this company and the general ‘rape culture’ enforced by the CCP on its ranks. This is a publicly available stock listed on the NYSE under the ticker “RYB” and should make anyone cringe. Even their Wikipedia page, despite being an unreliable source for information on the CCP as it has been corrupted in many cases, has allegations of abuse (allegations of abuse link) which means that this discovery has grown out of the CCP’s immediate nexus of control over the traditional media and social media. This means that far too many people know about it to keep it a secret anymore — including the high ranking CCP party members and the Western elite who engage in this corrupted activity.

Thanks to recent information provided by Miles Guo, we know that Wang Qishan — the “Vice President” of the CCP (and therefore China) — is being accused of being the head of perhaps the largest international pedophile access ring in human history. While institutionalized in China by the CCP, these activities are forbidden as part of the United States legal system. Under the guise of “双修” (pronounced Shuang Xiu) — which is a corruption of Buddhism and means “double cultivation” — these sickening activities have gone on for decades. In the West, we have again received indisputable confirmation that our own elites were taking part in these activities in secret in secluded places like Little St. James. Mr. Miles specifically mentions that numerous Western elites participate in “双修” and are therefore under the direct control and influence of Wang Qishan and his faction.

Wang Qishan, the most corrupted person in China. He controls the Pedo Ring ‘Industry’ according to Miles Guo.

We should be demanding that our recently empowered intelligence agencies gain access to the names of individuals associated with this type of evil activity as part of their efforts to curb global child trafficking as well as other coercive methods of corporate espionage and blackmail.

We would call on our government to immediately de-list “RYB Education” as it does not morally align with Western value systems in any way. The blackmailing opportunities afforded to entities like “RYB Education” and individuals like Wang Qishan work in tandem with the CCP’s overarching plan to dominate the planet.

Miles Guo has left clues that lead to Tibet in the past. In what is perhaps the most locked-down police state on earth — paralleled only by Xinjiang — Mr. Miles claims that here, the Western elite would visit the St. Regis Lhasa Resort in the capital city and participate in any sick and twisted acts they wished. Knowing the history of the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of State Security — we are sure that plenty of compromising information (like pictures and video) exists on these individuals.

We leave the reader with a question: Who are these people? What loyalties, if any, do they have to the CCP or organizations operating on United States soil that participate in the same activities.

Author: Halliburton.

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王岐山你个畜生 不得善终!!!

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How did Jeffrey Epstein die ? Not suicide.

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…] The Farm: Wang Qishan and the Pedophile Rings of the CCP […]

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