The Sunshine will Come Back

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What Lude Media disclosed recently has involved a number of key Democratic Party members including the Clintons, Barack Obama plus his cabinet members and Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. Every single person listed over here has involved several critical decisions making within the United States and worldwide in the past years. It turns out that we have already lived in a dark hell without knowing it. 

We learned from the recent news that Joe Biden was playing an important role regarding the under-table activities between the Democratic Party and the CCP. Joe started to be bribed by the CCP when he was 36 years old. He is one of the inner ghosts cultivated by the CCP in the United States over the years. During Joe’s tenure as the Vice President of the United States, his son, Hunter Biden, could directly appoint the staff members of the Secret Services. Those staff members appointed by him took the advantage of the positions to continuously send confidential information to Hunter, and Hunter then sold the information to the CCP. Hunter simply treated such activities as normal course of the business. In consequence, the private and confidential information of those key personnel who involve the key decision making of the United States was easily collected by the CCP. The CCP was then able to bribe those key personnel via analyzing the information gathered. The overall bribery activities executed by the CCP were summarized as “Blue, Gold, Yellow (BGY)” program for the purpose of meeting the satisfaction of those key personnel mentioned above. Almost none of them can resist such incentives until they turn themselves into devils. Today the CCP has pretty much controlled the so-called elite class in the United States. 

In addition to those activities involved by Biden’s family, the CCP also made efforts on penetrating into several international NGOs. It is known that Hunter Biden is the chairman of the United Nations Food Program. It is a fairly important position from the perspective of those poor and less developed countries. Hunter took the advantage of food aid quota to successfully capture backward countries in Africa and some other places to facilitate the One Road One Belt (OROB) program run by the CCP. The program is a process of colonial rule over the countries along the route. The CCP bribed the presidents of those nations participating into the OROB program and then cultivated agents from these countries. Such agents were then sent to various UN agencies and NGOs. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, is a typical example of such agents. Such agents are simply the drummers of the CCP on a global scale. 

Last but not the least, the CCP also controlled those mainstream media and the celebrities such as Hollywood stars and well-known NBA players to brainwash the audience, especially the young people, to simply pursue individual liberation, materiality and stimulation rather than the truth. As a result, the entire western world turned to the left. ANTIFA is rampant; people lose themselves in the carnival. 

Via decades of detailed layout, the CCP finally believes that they can control everything. As long as people are used to living in the dark, they will no longer need the sunshine. When the world of the mankind is facing the dark age again, the Whistleblower’s Movement initialed by Mr. Miles Kwok, turned out to destroy the plan of the CCP. Mr. Kwok casted a beam of light on the dark clouds and awakened those still groping in the darkness. Although the world has fallen into the darkness for a while, we believe that sunshine will come back once the truth is revealed to the world. The dark clouds will eventually be dispelled. 

Author: Lily

Translator: Neal

Proof-Reader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver - 2020/11/11
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