Sudden Occurrence! Quantum block-chain system recount confirms Trump’s victory

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On November 11, a recount of the ballots by an elite unit of the U.S. National Guard confirmed Trump’s victory.

On November 8, it was revealed by BEFORE IT’S NEWS that in order to prevent election fraud, official U.S. ballots were watermarked with an invisible, unbreakable code and registered on a quantum block-chain system, and the ballots were recounted by an elite unit of the National Guard.

The article stated that in five states, 14 million ballots have passed through laser scanners, and 78 percent of them did not pass because there was no watermark to verify the ballots. Those who fail the test are 100% Biden supporters. Preliminary tests show that Trump won re-election with more than 80 percent of the legal vote, based on watermarks on valid ballots entered into a quantum computer. The final confirmed vote: 73.5 million votes for Trump to 25.9 million votes for Biden – not including the observed thrown-away, never-considered votes for Trump.

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17 days ago

Brothers & Sisters, I must warn you that the information referenced here is untrue, it is a complacency drug we can call “hopeium”, designed to keep you quiet, waiting for something that will never come unless we arise and take action. Things are not all neat and tidy, there is no scanning of millions of ballots going on, Trump is fighting for his life and our future, he needs our support. Do not believe that this is all part of some grand Q plan, this is a very dangerous time!

17 days ago

You have to watch this to actually believe it.
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