Two Great Chinese Inheritances on Root Exploration – Part 5

The key to lighting up our hearts in the future is to connect the wires; they cannot be lit by themselves.

Mr. Miles Guo did pretty well on the two great inheritances. RESLOVE for family and RESPECT for teachers are the root causes of his success. This is the fundamental thing we need to learn. That’s what the Jews have concluded, why they can stand firm in the world and become the best in every profession, is because they never forget their heritage and have found their roots. So as long as we learn this way, we will naturally be that powerful. Knowledge depends on learning. This is the principle in Tao Te Ching, written by Lao Tzu, that “Engaging in learning constantly accumulates knowledge; Engaging in Dao constantly diminishes attachments.” The knowledge relies on constant accumulation, but implementing Dao is to enlighten the great wisdom that needs simplification. There is no contradiction between learning knowledge and perceiving wisdom. We must be enlightened with great wisdom first, this is Dao; and the knowledge is method, so that we can use Dao to dominate method and respond to changes with constancy. What does not change is the Law and what changes is the environment. The environment is ever-changing, so long as we respond to it with constancy and we handle it with Dao, then we will naturally adopt the universal principle.

We Chinese need enlightenment first and apply it everywhere. Applied in medicine is called Dao of medical; applied in business is called Dao of business; applied in tea culture is called Dao of tea; applied in flower arrangement is called Dao of flower; applied in fighting is called karate and taekwondo. Therefore we must be first enlightened to the Dao, which is fundamental, and then we will be able to have wisdom that is as dynamic as water, and not just rules and regulations. What we need to learn is the wisdom and put the wisdom into practice.

Some have asked why there are no legal provisions on the rule of law of human rights in ancient China with great wisdom. There is historical reason and origin for it. We should understand the history of China UP and DOWN 5000 years, which means UP for five thousand years and DOWN for five thousand years, a total of ten thousand years. The cutoff point is Shaft Yellow Emperor and the UP 5000 years is the highest spirit realm, which is the rule of Dao. It then came to the DOWN 5000 years, starting from the Era of Five Emperors, including Shaft Yellow Emperor, Yao, Shun and Yu, that is the rule of virtue. When rule of Dao could not work, rule of virtue replaced it. When it came to Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the rule of virtue gradually fade away. If the former was called “imperial politics” or “sovereign politics”, by the Spring and Autumn period, one could only engage in hegemonic politics. It means that there are conquerors, like Five Hegemons in Spring and Autumn period, but they still had some moral sense and just cause, similar to the United States now is domineering. Further down to the state of Qin that pursued rule of extortion after Shang Yang’s reform. It engaged in unscrupulous gangster logic that was cheating and abducting without boundaries. So China started its age of trash since Spring and Autumn period and went worse until Tang and Song Dynasty, which was the peak, after that period of time, it was all over, junk in and junk out, including Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, of which Qing was the worst one. In the last 200 years of modern times, there has been western intervention, some are good, and some are bad. The terrible thing is the misguidance of evolutionary teachings, and people have degenerated from humanity into animality. Further along with the poisoning of Marxist thoughts, human beings eventually degenerated to devility. So, the Chinese culture and history is a constant regression. Don’t assume what we know is right, much of it is wrong. It is important to know that we meet the blank in the history study and we are in disconnection with the real history, so we Chinese should remove four common misconceptions and find our roots.

To be continued on the next episode, about the difference and relationship between Eastern and Western culture.


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/11/11

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