Two Great Chinese Inheritances on Root Exploration – Part 4

In ancient China, there are two great inheritances, one is inheritance of vitality, which gives us life, and the other one is inheritance of wisdom, which gives us wisdom and power of love.

The inheritance of wisdom is the teacher who teaches us wisdom, which means that our wisdom comes from the teacher who taught us. Where does our teacher’s wisdom come from? His teacher taught him? His teacher’s wisdom is passed down from generation to generation by oral transmission, which is the Way, not just method. The Way is Dao, the principle. 5000 years until now, something keeps changing, but something remains the same. It’s very important to figure out what is changed and what is constant.

Let me give you an example. For the past 5000 years, how did the ancients communicate and connect with each other? Write a letter or deliver a message. It could take months for a letter to be delivered. Now it’s a lot faster. A WeChat or Whatsapp message will be delivered in a second. But they are essentially the same in terms of communication; the only difference is the method. The current one seems to me more efficient and the ancient was primitive and traditional. Do you think that the current communication is more effective when you get a message in a second?

The ancients greatly cherished the letters that took months to receive from their friends or family members, so the warm relationship inside the letters was best enjoyed by dipping in and out. Now, we can send a message within a second, but is our communication better or worse than those of the ancients? This example tells us that something essential has never changed through the ages, only the external environment and tools. So the Chinese traditional culture grasps the essentials and responds to changes with constancy. The real traditional Chinese wisdom lies in how to find the Way to get along with people, how to develop and cultivate potential wisdom, how to make us more powerful, what is humane, how to understand the Way of Cosmos, and how to understand Universal laws in terms of opportunity timing, favorable location and human resource.

Respect for teacher was paid special attention in ancient times, because it was teacher who gave us life of wisdom. The teachers who inherited the wisdom and delivered the sermon were particularly esteemed and were called second parents by ancients. It is like giving us birth for the second time and providing us new choice in life. So the inheritance of vitality is about RESLOVE for parents and the inheritance of wisdom is about RESPECT for teachers, both of which are at the core of traditional Chinese wisdom. In last episode, we talked about how to light up a bulb through an example that the wires have to be connected. But have you ever thought, a wire has a neutral line and a live line, which are actually two wires, this is in line with the Traditional Chinese culture of Yin and Yang. When Yin and Yang are united in harmony, the power will be created, so we must have both inheritance of vitality and inheritance of wisdom. The inheritance of vitality is about RESLOVE, knowing the Way to get along with people. The inheritance of wisdom is to see the essence by looking through the phenomena, to understand the real reason of everything happening rather than the superficial phenomenon, so as to put an end to the problem instead of always solving the surface problems like a fire captain. This is the role of the inheritance of wisdom.

RESLOVE parents and RESPECT teachers are like neutral line and live line, only when they are united as one wire, we are connected to our ancestors. As long as we gain the power from both the inheritance of vitality and inheritance of wisdom including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, the light within us will be illuminated. This is what Mr. Mile Guo said “One candle can dispel thousands of years of darkness.” When we are illuminated, we will not feel fear and lost any more, and instead, we will be filled with great love, wisdom and courage. So we can build on the past and carry forward to the future, that is, inherit the long-standing wisdom of our ancient sages, inherit the great virtues of our ancestors, and establish peace for all future generations. This is the true essence and core of our traditional Chinese culture.

The Jews has particular respect for their father, but their teachers, which are rabbis, are held in higher esteem.  The most respected people in the entire Jewish world are not Kings, nor the richest people, nor scientists, but sage people, their rabbis, who are well versed in traditional Jewish culture. They are illuminated because they do a great job of RESLOVE parents and RESPECT teachers. Our inheritance of vitality was badly damaged by the Chinese Communist Party, which established an offence reporting system, so tip off and beat up happened between children and parents and among family members. In order to establish its cults, the CCP destroyed all the good things of traditional Chinese culture. Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism were all subject to the leadership of the Party, so the Chinese nation has fallen into decay.

How to light up the heart of all the Chinese in the future, please stay tuned to the next episode.


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/11/10

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