Lude Media Brief on Nov 6 Morning, 2020

Compiled by Dictation Group, Translated by English Group, Produced by Himalaya Korea Farm


1.The most important thing now is conviction against CCP as well as some Democrats for voter fraud.
2.CCP is using all their means to fabricate the false fact that Trump will not be re-elected.
3.How absurd the election of 2020 is as the dead under the earth can cast their mail-in ballots.
4.President Trump will absolutely find the truth.
5.Rudy Giuliani files lawsuits in different court, and it’s enough as long as he and his team win one lawsuit.
6.The legal fight will break the deadlock.
7.Many governors agree to continue counting mail-in ballots.
8.Mail-in ballots cause voter fraud, which is not accepted.
9.When America is bounded up, a group of people will stand up.
10.The blossom of Scientific achievement of American scientists is due to the spirits of thinking outside the box.


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