Attorney General William Barr Authorizes DOJ to Look into Voting Irregularities | Daily Express – Nov.10.2020

Author: Gwiki、BoundlessSky星空无垠、Tuituidang推推党宣传部长

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Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG



F**k the ancestors of all the propagandists of the Chinese Communist Party, both at home and abroad… You’ve been using the same tactics and the same dirty tricks for decades… Washed the brains of the Chinese people and spread this mental garbage all over the world… Lost the dignity of the Chinese people… Shame on you guys, the New York Times f**kers, they’re rubbish…

Haha, is this true or false?

This is the purported heart of American national security… A black box?

Dr Li-Meng YAN:             COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

Steve Bannon War Room


Ep 486- Pandemic: Holograms Pt.1 (w/ Fog City Midge, John Fredericks, Jenny Beth Martin

Ep 486- Pandemic: Holograms Pt.2 (w/ Fog City Midge and Boris Epshteyn)

#SteveBannon: @teamtrump needs to open a national conversation, put up all of the obituaries of fraudulent dead voters, put it all on the table

The Left can’t handle the truth; Resistance makes the Deplorables stronger

#WarRoomPandemic @warroom2020#ABSENTEEBALLOTS

#SteveBannon tells Deplorables: If you do not let the opposition steal it from you, they cannot beat you

We’re not backing off

The Left has been exposed for the phonies they are


#SteveBannon: We’re not out for a Nullification Project like what was launched immediately after 2016 victory

What we want is a free and fair count


@boris : Every single vote counts. Every legal vote will be counted.

@fogcitymidge : Shocking and disheartening to see Fox News hosts moving leftward

@boris : This #election system is outdated, hugely compromised

It’s a disaster

MSM, social media are against us, but President #TRUMP is fighting through it

@elizabethyore : Archbishop Vigano calls this a “colossal electoral fraud” on the American people being covered up by the media

Reality no longer matters

Lude Media:

11/9/2020 Minister of Defense Fired, Who is Acting Minister? McConnell Support Trump Check eligible.


1. Trump officially fired the Secretary of Defense today. Appointed Christopher Miller as acting secretary of defense. He was deputy secretary of defense for counter-terrorism and military operations. The acting defense secretary does not need to be approved by the House of Representatives and can be appointed directly by Trump. Christopher Miller’s special operations expertise will be focused on China attacks.

2. McConnell supports President Trump. The United States will use the Department of Justice to investigate election fraud. Barr formally authorized the Justice Department to investigate the legitimacy of the vote.

3. Brazen Biden calls for a transfer of power. The request was rejected by the White House, which said most state election results had not yet been sent to Congress.

4. The Bush family swerves. George W. Bush sent a letter endorsing Trump’s recount.

5. The deep effects of replacing the secretary of defense began to kick in. Trump could not be elected without The support of the Republican Party, as there are many steps that require partisan support from the election to the final acceptance of the presidency. Policies such as starting Trump’s withdrawal in 2016 hurt some Republican interests, so some work must be done to balance those interests.


1. Christopher Miller could give the correct command for the CCP’s defense infiltration; He said he could destroy all Chinese navies in 72 hours.

Dr Bo:

1. Miller, who was in charge of special operations, should be assigned to perform some special tasks; He took part in the beheading of the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

11/9/2020 State of Georgia Fulton county 132k Ballot ineligible; West WH Eisonhower Building SCIF..


1. BOMBSHELL: The 132,000 ineligible ballots in Fulton County, Georgia will lead to a complete flip of Georgia.

2. BRIEF: Apple Daily suffers deluge of unsubscriptions because Chi-Ying Lai spoke out to congratulate Biden; Zuckerberg involved in 800 new polling stations in Philadelphia; Italian media reports that Trump lost and that his wife wants divorce; PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we notice that media says Biden won, will wait and see the results; Kremlin says it won’t issue any congratulations until final election results are in; Tedros congratulates Biden on his election.

3. In all 134 published studies on hydroxychloroquine sulfate, according to the latest statistical study, ineffectiveness or negative opinions of hydroxychloroquine could be summarized by four characteristics: overdose, late dosing, complete mismatch at baseline, or miniscule amount of data.

4. In mainland China: a new case of coronavirus was confirmed in Shanghai, claimed to be a new “sporadic case” ; in Tianjin, a positive case was claimed to be found in a shipment of frozen pork knuckles imported from Germany.

5. In Fulton County, Georgia, 132,000 ballots are ineligible: dead people resurrected to vote, the date changed, somehow voters who hadn’t voted yet were counted, and President Trump’s votes read as Biden’s.

6. Giuliani takes command in Pennsylvania himself. A Pennsylvania judge has sided with Trump.

7. How will President Trump win the election without appealing in court? Georgia and Arizona conduct recounts. Prior to election night, according to a tweet, President Trump monitored the voting fraud process in the election at sensitive military facility at the Eisenhower Building. There is intelligence that can be utilizied to find evidence that traces back to the polling station.

8. The rigorousness of American law: it will not plant evidence to frame a person. The core is whether the evidence can be legally used in a court of law, as in Watergate. Use information and strategy to move ahead in the key states. Mr. Bannon counted the counties one by one before the election, knowing the friends and the foes.

9. When a third party interferes an election, are both parties in the US alerted and capable of uncovering it? The highest level of interference is the Imperial Technique: the Emperor has the Chancellor and ministers fight each other, yet he supports both sides, waiting for them to ask him for mediation.

10. The center of the Whistleblower Movement is the extermination of CCP. It’s up to us to spread the truth through real actions. 

11. The core of the FISA Act is to correlate the Chinese Communist Party. President Trump’s 70 million supporters are times bombs for the CCP, as well as Taiwan’s 20 million, along with the Whistleblower Movement’s fellow fighters within the Chinese firewall.



The @WhiteHouse Coronavirus Task Force met today to discuss BIG news out of @pfizer this morning. Under President @realDonaldTrump, we are working at Warp Speed to deliver a Safe & Effective vaccine. This President is DELIVERING for the American People.

President Trump called me last night and I was encouraged to hear his continued resolve to ensure that every LEGAL vote gets properly counted and that all instances of fraud and illegality are investigated and prosecuted. Fair elections are worth fighting for!

As I have long said, @Pfizer and the others would only announce a Vaccine after the Election, because they didn’t have the courage to do it before. Likewise, the @US_FDA should have announced it earlier, not for political purposes, but for saving lives!

Told @VP Team Today, “it ain’t over til it’s over.. and this AIN’T over!” President @realDonaldTrump has never stopped fighting for us and we’re gonna Keep Fighting until every LEGAL vote is counted!


I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately..

This Election Is Not Over… And The Media Knows It

The Apple Store charts are a reflection on an increasingly divided America as a result of this fraudulent election.

Just an example of how brazen the Philadelphia Democrat machine is. Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier voted in the 2018 election. He died on 11/7/2011!!! Will Smith’s grandfather voted in 2017, 2018. He died in 2016. I bet Biden dominated this group. We will find out.

Fox News reported on Saturday that a whistleblower in Nevada swore an affidavit declaring that he witnessed illegitimate processing of ballots as an election worker.

Communist China Fake News

CCP‘s media Global Times:
: Although Biden might not immediately take a tough stance against Russia after he is sworn in, he would probably go on a path to see Russia as US’ main enemy in security term.
Editors Comment:Why Xi Jinping not dare to congratulate? Because he know Biden will never be the Pesident.

CCP‘s media NetEase: Conspiracy? Why didn’t the coVID-19 vaccine, which is 90 percent effective, be released until Trump lost the election
Editors Comment:CCP’s media is happy about everything that anti-Trump.


Whistleblower’s Movement popular glossary


Did you guys work out today?

“Dear followers, did you work out today?” Almost every video broadcast of Mr. Guo Wengui since 2017 has greeted his followers with this phrase, which has also been deeply imprinted on the hearts of the Whistleblower’s Movement supporters.

Fitness is something that Mr. Guo Wengui has been advocating and encouraging all members of the Whistleblower’s Movement to participate in since the beginning of the Whistleblower’s Movement. Mr. Guo Wengui sets an example by following a step-by-step, structured workout. Frequently, during his opening remarks of his live broadcasts, he is engaged in exercise. Over time the phrase “Did you guys work out today?” has become a most frequently searched internet term, and is frequently used allusion to Guo Wengui among followers of the Whistleblower’s Movement (especially among followers within the walls from mainland china). Mr. Guo Wengui is also known as the “North American Fitness Trainer”. Mr. Guo wants to encourage his followers to keep fit. I hope that my followers will be strong enough to face the new China without the Communist Party,” says Mr. Guo.

For several years, Mr. Guo has been keeping his followers physically fit, and listening to the news about the revolution has also been keeping them mentally fit. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) collapses and the flag of the New Federal State of China stands on the land of China, the followers will be able to take up the responsibility on their shoulders.

Mr. Guo reminds those who are not ready to begin their preparation, and those who are, to improve their physical, mental and spiritual strength to fight the Communist Party.

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