11/10 Financial News:Chinese Communist Party covered up negative effect of vaccine and everyone should be engaged with anti-corruption

Image: National Pulse

1.Corruption knows no borders. Anti-corruption demands participation of all the citizens to reveal votes fraud and financial fraud and take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

2.National Pulse, which explained fraud, got locked by Twitter, resumed fight and uploaded videos via its YouTube account we recommend you to subscribe.

3.As reported by Fortune on 10 November 2020, Brazil suspended Phase III trial of CCP virus vaccine made by a CCP company. But this vaccine company regarded tens of thousands of Chinese people as laboratory rats and the vaccine was approved by CCP for emergency use program. There was no reports concerning its effectiveness and truths.

4.As reported by Wall Street Journal on 10 November 2020, the CCP’s “Truck Uber” , backed by Softbank and Google, was evaluated for 10 billion dollars and is financing 1.7 billion dollars before Next Year’s IPO.

5.Tencent buys stakes in Congenica, which is one of the fastest growing British genomics companies and develops software that analyzes data faster 20 times than industry averages. It’s also a pioneer in the genomic study of rare diseases and inherited cancer. This fundraising was used for international expansion of genomic analysis activities and to partner with drugs giants.

By 【G-Translators – Financial and Law Team】

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