The CCP in HK Monopolizes Assay Market and Pushes Health QR Codes Data Sharing in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau

Translator: MaggieKZ; Reviewer: Wencheng

According to reports in Hong Kong’s media, the Chief Executive (CE) of the Hong Kong Special administrative Region, Carrie Lam, visited Beijing last Friday, November 3rd and discussed with the central ministries about the “Huigang Articles”. The Chief Scretary for Administration of Hong Kong, Zhang JiangZong, posted on his blog today reciting the words in Carrie Lam’s meeting with the Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng. Han Zheng said that the Chinese Central Government will fully support Hong Kong and he emphasized that “Hong Kong should seize the new opportunities when the country enters the new phase of development” to actively integrate its own development into the overall development of the country. Zhang JianZong also said in his blog that the Hong Kong government will try as early as possible to pass the data-sharing system of the Health QR Codes in three places, Guangdong Province of the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Zhang pointed in his blog that the country’s success in the fight for COVID-19 and the quick economic recovery is inspiring and the Hong Kong government will continue to “go forward with all strength and precisely fight the epidemic” in the earliest time to launch the data sharing system of the Health QR Codes, the results of the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) in the three places – GuangDong Province of the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. In addition, according to the mutual exemption of the mandatory new coronavirus testing requirements upon entry, “Hong Kong will step by step restore the Customs Clearance with the Mainland China and Macau to revitalize the local economy.”

He said that responding to the epidemic is the primary task of the government and the viral testing is an important point in the virus prevention and anti-virus strategies. The testing equipment and service will be further improved and perfected. He mentioned that four communities’ testing centers will start to provide citizens the pay-for testing service in the middle of this month at price of HK$240 and in a short time a relatively cheap viral testing is “really not easy”.

He indicates that now the testing capabilities in different facilities have been greatly improved. The public-owned testing service now proceeds daily over 7,000 and the private-owned now has improved to about 10,000 testing from daily less than 1,000 in the beginning of this year. Zhang said that it depends on the government and market efforts of introducing more bigger scale viral testing facilities for Hong Kong and also the government’s approval of the community center as sampling places to greatly reduce the venue cost.

Zhang continues to point out that 46 common clinics have increased the time frames of the distribution of sample collection bags and extended the sampling collection time. From tomorrow (Nov. 9th) the Education Bureau will carry out the free specific group testing plan for the faculty and staff in all the kindergartens, elementary and middle schools, and the special education schools. He calls on the schools’ active collaboration and active testing participation of all faculty and staff and the dormitory staff of the special education schools.

Editor’s Comment:

What we shall pay attention is that currently, the price in the private-owned testing facilities is about HK$800 to 1000 and even in the private hospital the price is over HK$1000. With regard to the mandatory pricing policy of HK$240 by the Hong Kong government, the local private facilities have much complaints and they don’t agree on this pricing policy. Their testing cost is far more than HK$240 and without any subsidy to offset other costs they can’t keep their business at all.

In fact, the mandatory data sharing of the Health QR Codes in the three places is just a camouflage disguise. The standard pricing of HK$240 in the four communities testing centers by the Hong Kong government is actually a very common operative method from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The private-owned testing facilities are responsible for their own costs without any subsidies. However, the four communities testing centers can get the governmental subsidies. The Hong Kong government is through this kind of CCP’s monopoly operative method trying to make the local private-owned facilities gradually become dying in the market so that all the private clinics and testing facilities will be acquired by the government through M&A when they can’t keep their business in the end and have to knee down to the CCP.

It can be seen that the extremely evil purpose of the CCP and the Hong Kong’s government’s shameless suck up to the CCP.

The above views represent the author’s only.

Source comes from “Stand News”.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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