The CCP’s Systematic Indoctrination of Young Pioneers

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In a society governed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), everything serves to maintain the power of the authoritarians. The idea of communism is that: the people’s property, wealth bodies and even their minds and spirits belong to the party. Regardless of their ages, the people must remain loyal and subject to the control of the party. The CCP has carried out systematic and hierarchical political brainwashing of its people from birth to adulthood. From the moment a child is sent to school, he or she has entered one of the CCP’s brainwashing organizations and will be trained and molded into the successor of the evil CCP.

On October 13, 1949, the CCP established the “CCP Young Pioneers League”, rewrote the lyrics of the Soviet Young Pioneers song, and turned it into the anthem for “Communist Young Pioneers League” for children to sing. Before the Cultural Revolution, the Communist Youth League held many national conferences with the CCP cadres to discuss how to control the thoughts and behaviors of the children and adolescents through institutionalization. After the Cultural Revolutionary, the economic reform and open-up made many people believe, falsely, that the CCP was moving toward democracy. On the contrary, under the facade of economic open-up, the tentacles of political management became more intertwined and the totalitarianism became more sophisticated through more comprehensive and systematic indoctrination of children in schools.

To better understand how the CCP indoctrinates the children, the “Chinese Young Vanguard Charter” must first be examined. The latest revision of the charter was completed at the Eighth National Young Pioneer Congress in 2020, which strictly stipulated the leadership, the intrinsic nature, the purpose, the symbol, the oath, the management system, etc. of the Young Pioneers.

The founder and the leader of the Young Pioneers League is the CCP, its intrinsic nature is “an organization for Chinese children, a school for children to learn socialism and communism with Chinese characteristics, and a reserve team for the construction of socialism and communism.” Judging from the intrinsic nature specified in the charter, the Young Pioneers League is basically a political vehicle for the CCP to control the children. The charters state that children should join the League at around age 6 to 14, after which they become members of the CCP organization. Currently, the students attending primary school in mainland China will all, sooner or later, join this organization, they will automatically become members of the CCP before they even have the ability to make independent judgement calls for themselves. This also means that when the CCP faces wars, the children in the Young Pioneers League are most likely going to be soldiers at the frontlines of the battlefield and become cannon fodders. Before the CCP seized power, the so-called “Little Red Soldiers” were children. Today, despite the evolution of the civilization, the CCP will still likely incite young children to participate in wars and sacrifice them ruthlessly.

“The purpose of our League”, as the charter stipulates, is to “unite and indoctrinate children to listen to the party, follow the party, love the motherland, love the people, love working, love science, love socialism, and to become successors to the cause of communism.” To achieve the enslavement of all members by the CCP, children who “behave enthusiastically” must teach other children who do not abide by the rules. This is the root cause of the students in schools reporting on each other. While the CCP’s control of speech gets tighter, the students are encouraged, in an acquiescent manner, to report on their teachers for any “politically incorrect” speech. This has made all the dissenting students and teachers live in fear. This education system continuously cultivates the wickedness in the people. Among the various crimes against humanity committed by the CCP, the systematic indoctrination of the children in the education system is one of the worst.

For the image of the Young Pioneers League, the CCP created costumes, songs, flags, badges, logos, bands, and the charter. Firstly, the Young Pioneers League have uniforms: white shoes, blue pants, white shirts, and red scarves. This outfit has not changed since 1950s. At the National Congress of the Young Pioneers League held every three years, “outstanding” Young Pioneers from all over the country go to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for a convention and are met by the top leaders. At the convention, the CCP leaders are dressed in dark trousers and white shirts, which is consistent with the clothing of the students. Although this is a very small detail, it hints that the Young Pioneers are in the same category as the CCP leaders and subtly makes the children recognize this relationship.

Secondly, children must learn the “Chinese Young Pioneer League Anthem” before joining the League. This anthem is basically the devil’s oath: “We are the successors of communism, love the motherland, love the people… We must eradicate the enemy…” It puts the country before the people and emphasizes the spirit of mutual persecution amongst people. This anthem must be sung by everyone in the school, and it was sung repeatedly in important events.

The most important emblem of the Young Pioneers League is the red scarf, which is defined as a corner of the “blood flag”. Wearing a red scarf on your chest means that you are a member of the “revolutionary team” and a member of the CCP. This emblem binds the image of the CCP and the power of the state with the lives of children, it implies that when the interests of the CCP and the country are at risk, children should die for the cause like their “revolutionary ancestors” did ( to defend the leaders’ wealth, power and illegitimate children).

In all primary schools in mainland China, a grand admission ceremony is held every year. The admission ceremony creates a solemn political atmosphere, emphasizing the struggle and the loyalty to the CCP. All students sing the League anthem and recite the oath together, senior students put the red scarves on the younger ones. In some special occasions, important CCP leaders will also participate in this children’s admission ceremony. This kind of rituals over the long period of time have been quite effective in brainwashing and enslaving the children. For the Young Pioneers to participate in its Congress, it is not only a symbol of honor, but also a symbol of power for them. As we can see from the definition of the Young Pioneers Congress, the Young Pioneers are clearly a branch of the CCP’s evil organization.

Before writing this article, I interviewed some elementary school teachers and I was told that children cherished the membership of the young pioneers. This membership would be used by some teachers to coerce children. When children are disobedient, have poor academic performance, or fail to be brainwashed, certain teachers would threaten children to revoke their Young Pioneer membership. For young children, this threat will lower their self-esteems, some children are frightened and will therefore try to change themselves, it often increases anxieties and causes mental health issues.

“Exceptional” Young Pioneers are allowed to perform many “honorable” tasks in the events such as “guarding the People’s Heroes and saluting the Revolutionary Predecessors”, the Young Pioneers were asked to guard the “Pioneer Post” of the Heroes Monument on Tiananmen Square. The event began in 1986 and a total of 300,000 young pioneers have participated. The CCP conducts so-called patriotism education through such events to increase the children’s recognition of their identity as Young Pioneers and the acceptance of the CCP. The CCP purposely blurs and confuse the concepts of patriotism, love for the CCP, and love for the people.

The CCP asks every child, starting from a very young age, to align his/her personal achievements and honors with the CCP’s, telling them that there is no difference and separation between the party and the state, and between the party and the individual. As a result, any criticism towards the CCP are assumed by the people as personal attacks. That is why a lot of Chinese mainlanders, when facing criticisms of the CCP, angrily and desperately, try to defend the image of the CCP. This manifests how successful the brainwashing is. This is also where the CCP hurts people the most because it made the people sacrifice meaninglessly, but with pride, for the CCP.

Article 13 of the “Chinese Young Pioneers Charter” specifies that “our organization: establish brigades, squadrons and teams in schools, communities, the palaces for children and youth and other off-campus places, and squadrons will have small teams under them.“ There are 5 to 13 people under each small team; two or more small teams in each squadron; and 7 to 13 squadrons in a brigade.” Brigade and squadron committees may, according to the work requirement, appoint captains, deputy captains, flag bearers, and team leaders for various groups such as study, labor, entertainment, sports, organization, and propaganda.” In elementary schools in mainland China, class cadres collaborate with the CCP branch organizations to manage students; in junior high schools and high schools, they collaborate with the CCP Youth League organizations to manage the students. The purpose of class cadres in mainland China is not to help teachers to manage class matters, they are to control the students under the direct command of the CCP.

The Young Pioneers League is a mass organization for Chinese children and youth which is recognized by the CCP, and those who manage the masses must be exceptional and active under the CCP’s ideology. This has nothing to do with whether the managers themselves are capable of managing. Firstly, good academic performance is one of the qualities that managers must have. The Ministry of Education of the CCP clearly states that “learning is a responsibility and not a pleasure.” The completion of learning by students is to complete the tasks assigned by the party to students, so children who learn well are children who have been brainwashed successfully.

Under the management of the CCP, children who become managers of young children are given titles by the organization, and they can wear a badge with “three bars”, “two bars” or “one bar” on their sleeves to show their managerial status. To hierarchize managers from the children will allow activists to enjoy some privileges. These students with managerial status can help teachers and the CCP convey instructions, manage various activities, and directly criticize other students’ behaviors. Some teachers even allow class leaders to abuse their power. In addition to power, managers have other privileges. When schools select outstanding students, these managers are often given priority by teachers. If these students break school rules or make mistakes, teachers are more likely to lightly criticize, not criticize, or even help students cover up their mistakes.

The most concerning thing is that this kind of injustice has long been taken for granted in schools in mainland China. The way a teacher treats students is not based on school rules and professional norms. Instead, it is based on their own preferences or other factors such as the students’ family background and the number of gifts given to the teachers. Many teachers are obviously biased. This hierarchization has greatly motivated children to converge towards being brainwashed.

Personal values and the views of the world are formed during a personal’s growing up stage of life. The CCP leads and controls the children’s personal values and the views of the world through its education system. The concepts of accepting the CCP, loving the CCP, and being loyalty to the CCP are imprinted into the children’s brains, so that the children will identify themselves as members of this organization and automatically strive to protect the organization. This has resulted in no differentiation between the party and the individual, or between the party and the state. Therefore, the people believe that to protect the CCP is to protect themselves and vice versa. When the CCP is rejected, many people feel the pain of being rejected personally. This is a great obstacle preventing the people from being awakened!

To be awakened, people must not only learn the history, but also realize and have the
courage to admit that many of the so-called “sweet memories” in the past were actual manifestations of the evil of the CCP as their personal values and the views of the world were distorted by the evil CCP. To overthrow an evil regime like the CCP is also a painful and difficult process of self-realization and resurrection.

中共系统性政治洗脑 从少先队抓起

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