Lude Media Brief on Nov 5 Night, 2020

Compiled by Dictation Group, Translated by English Group, Produced by Himalaya Korea Farm


1.SecDef is going to resign.
2.American system has infected the CCPVirus.
3.President Trump can hardly take any step on taking down the CCP, even though he’s the most powerful one on the earth. You can see that how hard it is.
4.President Trump is a billionaire and he campaigns the presidency only to take down the CCP instead of pursuing profits.
5.President Trump will win big!
6.What stand behind President Trump are American populist elites, who represent the America first.
7.More American is waking up.
8.Trump’s team is compiling evidence for voter fraud.
9.The US election of 2020 aims at killing two and more birds with one stone, to fix the problems in election system
10.There are a lot of Zombie ballots for Biden in Michigan.


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We Are America
21 days ago

Neil Cavuto Video Showing Exactly What Happened When They Cut Off WH Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany