Lest We Forget: The First Death of the Hong Kong Protest, Mr. Yellow Raincoat


Six months ago on June 15, a 35-year-old man, surnamed Leung, unfurled a banner at Pacific Place, a shopping mall close to the Government Headquarters and the Legislative Council Building in Admiralty. His banner read “No extradition to China, total withdrawal of the extradition bill, we are not rioters, release the students and injured, Carrie Lam step down, help Hong Kong.”

While cautioning the population of the erosion of rights and freedom, he fell from a height, turning into the first death of the pro-democracy movement.

The next day on June 16, 2 million + 1 people took it to the street to oppose extradition to China. Just as close to one-third of the population voiced out their concerns over the encroachment of freedom, the “+1” is dedicated to Leung who had loved and cared about the city and its people so deeply.

Source: Apple Daily


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