Miles Guo – Back from Vacation – Part III …

Author: 老姜

Editor: BigMama

In this third part of the broadcast on 7th November 2020, Miles Guo goes into more detail about the U.S. presidential election and the time ahead and what it means. He also talks about the mission of GTV and Gnews and the significance of these media. But first, he looks at events in China…

The bleak future of Alibaba and Jack Ma

“The failure of Ant Financial (used to be part of the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba) to complete their IPO revealed that within the CCP that several issues have not been resolved yet:

  • who will control this financial instrument?
  • who will cut the shares of the IPO in China and U.S.?
  • who will be involved in the IPO etc. ?

These points have not been settled. The future of Alibaba’s Jack Ma will be worse than that of the former Chairman, Wang Jian of HNA who was killed in France by the CCP. Jack’s whole family will follow in the same manner.”

——— Miles Guo

The 2020 presidential election

“This U.S. election is a life and death battle for the United States. The final result is still at an early stage. The United States will either be reborn and truly become the leading country with a true free legal system and fair media, or it will surely decline and sink rapidly.”

——— Miles Guo

Proxies of the CCP involved in the election

“The domestic traitors in the U.S. cooperated with the CCP to manipulate and instigate the fraud of the U.S. election this time. The CCP is actually a paper tiger. When it fully implemented the BGY (misinformation, sex and financial bribes) and the 3F plans for the United States, it provided criminal evidence and exposed those elites who sold out the America interest and their souls. It made Americans more aware of their own life and death crisis and the value of our Whistleblower Movement.”

——— Miles Guo

The value of Gnews and GTV

“As the new independent media defending the freedom of speech, GTV and GNews have gained tremendous influence before and during this U.S. presidential election. This has been widely recognized in social media in both the Chinese and English spheres. As a result, the American public is awakening to pursue the truth about the CCP-Virus, the corruption of the Biden family and the election fraud.

The people have a right to know the truth about Biden’s corrupt deals with the CCP, how he sold out Taiwan and Hong Kong, and how he betrayed American interests and allow the CCP to continue to enslave the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Because of the revelations of GTV and GNews, Biden can no longer make these deals with CCP. Even if he becomes the next president of the United States, he will not dare to do it anymore, let alone he won’t even get the chance.

“37% of GTV users are Americans and they like our English programs created by the “secret translation group”. GTV has become a popular medium for American voters to pursue the truth.

——— Miles Guo

High-placed friends of Biden trying to cover up the truth

“A former leader of a certain European country contacted me a couple of times and said that he and Joe Biden were close friends. He asked me to quickly get rid of the Hunter Biden scandal from GTV/GNews, and by doing so, we would receive more honor in the United States. I told him that we cannot do this for the sake of basic conscience and humanity. This also illustrates our world influence from the negative side.”

——— Miles Guo

The soul-searching needed

“After the U.S. election, mankind has to face and answer these serious questions:

  • Who interfered in the 2020 U.S. election?
  • Who created and released the so called “Covid-19 virus” to the world?

The U.S. presidential election will definitely come to an end in January and one thing for sure is that the United States won’t tolerate and allow the existence of communism.

We shall continue to expose

  • the truth about the CCP-Virus,
  • the fraud of U.S. election
  • how the CCP manipulated it

through GTV and GNews, as well as through all of our followers on different social media platforms.

——— Miles Guo

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