Miles Guo – Back from Vacation – Part II …

Author: 老姜

Editor: BigMama

In his broadcast on the 7th November 2020, Miles Guo went into great detail about the background to the issues in the presidential election and the foreseen consequences and events to expect in January 2021.

Abnormal election night events

“Various abnormal phenomena on the night of the election in the United States, including the suspension of vote counting in the middle of the night and subsequent software tampering of votes, are signs of the shadow of the CCP’s intelligence system.”

——— Miles Guo

CCP’s 3F plan and their agents

“The world is at the most critical moment since the Nov. 3rd presidential election night. There is a huge gap between what you see and what you hear about the election.

Six months ago in China, three people were released from Qincheng Prison (where high ranking CCP officials who lost their internal political battle with the CCP, are locked up).

Two of them actually arrived in Canada in May. These thugs are the creators and executors of the CCP’s 3F plan, namely to “Foment Weakness, Foment Chaos, and Foment Destruction of America.”

The CCP has now implemented its second-tier 3F plan within the United States from Canada.”

——— Miles Guo

How these events can be used as a lesson

“The essence of the political contest between Democrat and Republican, and their contest with the CCP is attributed to the world’s dark forces as how to continue to enslave the 1.4 billion Chinese people more effectively for the long run. Chinese people can use this US election as an excellent use case to learn about democracy, the legal system, and freedom of speech.”

——— Miles Guo

The seat of power in the U.S.

“The supreme power in the United States is actually wielded by Keith Rupert Murdoch, the boss of Fox News, New York Post, etc.  – not President Trump, nor the Department of Justice, nor the intelligence department. Media propaganda is their first power to influence and control America.”

——— Miles Guo

Joe Biden has agreed with the CCP to sell out Taiwan

“The biggest betrayal of the agreement signed between Joe Biden and the CCP is to sell out Taiwan, that is, when the CCP strikes Taiwan, the US will not interfere.

The biggest loser in this election is the American people. They lost the value of democracy, dignity, and being a beacon of global civilization. The United States will be reborn through the election this time, yet it must pay a huge price.

Almost all of the core traitorous secrets revealed in Hunter Biden’s computer occurred during the reign of President Xi and Vice President Wang Qishan. These secret deals betrayed the national security of the United States and the interests of the people of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.”

——— Miles Guo

My predictions for January and early 2021

“All the turmoil of the US general election will come to an end in January. President Trump will be elected, and the Republican Party will win in the end. Our Whistleblower Movement will be the biggest winner. The CCP-virus determines the fate of mankind. After the election in January, everyone on the earth will focus on their local economy and health.”

“After January next year, the U.S. economy will definitely get hit hard. The CCP has no real economy, the Hong Kong dollar will disappear by then, and the RMB will become worthless. The CCP-virus and Dr. Yan will become the focus of the world. The elimination of CCP will be the fundamental need by then.”

——— Miles Guo

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