Former AG: not a single eye verification of signature in Nevada Clark County

Image source: Youtube

Thursday, Nov. 5, two days after the 2020 Election Day, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt spoke to audiences about the potential voter fraud in the Clark County of Nevada during a Trump campaign press conference outside the county Election Center in North Las Vegas.

He said that the counties within Nevada did not carry out proper verification on the voters and the mail-in ballots, and that the state was not ready for a fully secure and fair election.

In particular, he pointed out that there were over 600,000 votes counted in the Clark County through the mail-in system but the Trump campaign “had not observed or laid eye on the envelope signature or voter roll signature on a single one of them”.

For the Clark County, 200,000 votes were verified signatures on a single machine only without eyeball verification, while by the election law the mail ballots have to be checked by humans.

Listen to the full video here.

Author: River|Himalaya Scholars

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