War Room 474 summary

Author: Jenny Ball

Key points of this episode:

  • Mr. Bannon: we’re going to close on this. Donald Trump the greatest closer in American history were closing on this deal. Step 1 you win, step 2 your close. Trump won the deal on the third of November, we’re going to close the deal and I don’t care if Twitter and Facebook takes us down. I don’t care what anybody takes down, they can’t stop streaming news because they can’t handle the truth.

Lots to do:

  • Live conference of Giuliani, the man of people and man for all seasons, to walk through the law suits of the federal court.
  • Men and women in Denver as heroes of the country and people in the investigate department.
  • Michael Patrick from the star newspapers to start to collate all the cheating that’s going on throughout the nation also analysis they’re working with some very senior staff.
  • Richard on the big data.
  • People throughout the country to talk about Michigan, the machine situation out there, talk about what’s going on in Pennsylvania, we’re going to get an update in Georgia, talk about the military ballots.
  • The court ruled all the ballots came after 8 pm would recount separately, which CNN didn’t report.

Raheem breaks down major voting irregularities in down-ballot voting in PENNSYLVANIA: The Left’s VOTER FRAUD is so broad that it’s undetectable to the naked eye. There is a major aberration in the number of people who voted for JOE BIDEN but did not vote down the ticket.

Bannon: If JOE BIDEN wants to bring the country together, let’s bring the country together by trying to get to the bottom of what happened with voter fraud, such as:

  • Threw away ballots for Trump.
  • Hammer software to flic 6000 Trump voters to Biden.
  • Why the voters for Biden didn’t vote for senators?

Jack Maxey: It’s the movement that does not care about your colour, does not care about who you’re in love with. it cares about the fact that you are a citizen of these United States.

So got to come out to protect your vote as every vote matters. 47% of Latino and about 20% male African black Americans voted for President Trump.

Republicans kept silence due to fear.

This election is bigger than Trump, this is a global movement, that’s why half of our audience is international, that’s why I want to thank GTV and Gnews that helps get us out throughout the world.

And you see these comments coming from people that are posting in every nation on earth, and they want to find, remember this election was not just the most important election in American history, it was the most important 5000 years of Chinese history. That’s why so many Chinese from the laobaixing.

We’ve come into this show that we do this show every day, that’s why this show is viewed in New Zealand, in Europe, in Italy and North Africa, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, why? Why does everybody throughout the world listen and watch the show?

They thought police and media matters to political operatives to old hundred names. People in Wuhan, who we had a whole show of Wuhan people who were crying for help back a couple months ago, back in the beginning where the first show ever do play, there’re people mocked us, people ridicule from the mainstream media when we started this in January, you guys a bunch of nut cases.

I think this changes world history, but you(MSM) did it. But we’re winning! More importantly you’re winning.

Stock market executives are opening champagne because they want to be back in business with the Chinese Communist Party. Wall street and all the corporates are high five And now they got things now, they got the Vaccine, the markets are euphoric over news that a new Pfizer vaccine might have 90 percent effectiveness. Of course got to have the headline the Vaccine thing was not part of Trump’s program. But Dr. Yan will tell us about the vaccine.

No tears, no whining. Fight that matters, fight for the truth.

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