7 Nov Summary of Miles live broadcast

  • Author: Jenny Ball

Everyone should know these 27 days (October 11-November 7), is really turning point of the world upside down, and the world is at the most critical moment.

New  Federal State of China has brought the only true social media landscape to the world.

What will the world be like without the New  Federal State of China?

What will happen to the world without Whistleblower Movement?

What would the American election be without news of Whistleblower Movement?

If there were no GTV , G-news, what will the world be like?

If you‘ve  seen the US election today, please take a look at the specific details: the CCTV cameras  broken, the hard disk broken, the counting stopped in the middle of the night, the software has been tampered with, the software made in China, and the way the personnel behaved on the scene , Can’t you see the trace of the Chinese Communist Party? can’t you see the trace of the CCP’s intelligence system? Anyone who has a little knowledge of the system level  in China, anyone who understands Chinese history and Chinese intelligence agencies, you can see that this is exact the method the CCP has used consistently.

As you have seen in the past few days, social media and mainstream media are the foremost weapon for CCP. Propaganda apparatus are the most important means for the CCP to grasp the power.

Democracy in a capitalist country is capital. No capital no any ism. In the so-called democracy under capitalism, capital comes first and democracy comes second. Democracy can be bought, and democracy can be bribed, and democracy can be controlled by capital.

Look at the US election today, where do you not see money? Where is there no capital? What influenced this election ? The Wallstreet, American media, and Silicon Valley, social media, all those bigwigs in Silicon Valley, Twitter, YouTube, Google? CNN, Fox, Wall Street Journal and New York Times, they are all controlled by the capital behind. The capital and the media are like two swords firmly inserted in the heart of the capitalist empire of the United States.

There is no so-called three independent powers. Media has always been so-called the fourth power in America, and now social media has become another power, the fifth power. Then please take a look. The Communist Party has transformed China’s one power and one dictatorship into the so-called democratic system to one power – it is the power of capital! That is communism.

Three years ago, I told the West, are you ready? Darkness has come to the West. If you are not prepared, the price will definitely be 100 times and 1,000 times of 911. Are you ready? your economic, financial, political, military, and technical, media will all be controlled. The so-called fourth power has completely become the  4th evil power.

The legal system of the West, religious beliefs, and the security of all capitalist societies , have been completely crushed this time. It is so fragile and vulnerable in front of capital, in front of communism, in front of a dozen kleptocracies in Beijing.

When you saw children in HK bleeding, disappearing, crying, being raped, gang-raped, or being suicided, the world kept silent. I said again and again that this day would happen in America. Today finally the Americans see it in their country.

When twitter blocked Miles Guo three years ago, nobody cared.

When Youtube blocked Miles without any reason, nobody cared.

We were driven around, and finally were forced to set up GTV and G-news, nobody cared. No one cared the bloodshed of children in Hong Kong nor to enforce the legislation to safeguard Hong Kong. No one cared about the dead protesters in HK. No one cared about more than 10,000 so-call suicide death. Now, President Trump’s Twitter was blocked, and Lou Dobbs twitter was blocked.

Not only made you bleed, it clearly tells you that:

If you don’t vote me, I will riot;

If you don’t vote me, I will throw you out;

If you don’t vote me, then you are fake;

If you don’t vote me, no one could go to work.

How dare the CCP come to the United States so boldly perform its BGY and 3F plans?

What is everyone discussing now? Don’t forget that it is definitely not this election that determines the fate of mankind, and the fate of New Federal State of China. It is the coronavirus, the CCP virus.

The election will definitely end in January. When the curtain is drawn in January, people will no longer fully concerning about the election, they will pay attention to their own pockets, and also pay attention to their own life and death, their children’s future and their own business.

Remember what I said today, and I will tell you again: In the future, the world economy, not bother the CCP’s economy since everything is fake,  the US economy and real estate will surely plummet!

The Hong Kong dollar will surely disappear!

The CNY will surely become rubbish as the paper money for dead souls.

The most famous person in human history is neither Trump nor Biden, nor Miles, but our heroine Dr. Yan. She will be the smartest and the greatest person in the world. She belongs to the world. People will eventually see that the coronavirus is the problem human has to face.

Coronavirus is the fundamental and core issue to terminate the CCP. The Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC will change the mankind and Dr. Yan will be the next breaking point.

I never believe that people will stop talking about the virus when tens of millions  and hundreds of millions of people have been infected with it! I never believe that people will pretend nothing of virus ever happened?

So, let me tell you that the New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement will be the winner. Who will be the president who wins in the end? It must be President Trump and the election will end in a very absurd way.

Everyone should remember that we have only one identity and only one task: to destroy the CCP! Whoever is a friend of the CCP, he/she is our enemy!

Trump has a couple of sentences that are very true: one, the CCP has raped the United States. Second, his comment of fake news. Indeed they are really fake news. The CCP has raped the President Trump and the United States for last four years. But the disaster is not coming yet!

The CCP is really a paper tiger. As long as the Americans dare to say “no”, the CCP will disappear as air. But the greed of the Americans and the traitors of the United States gave  the paper tiger CCP the power and right to intimidate Taiwan, to abuse Hong Kong and to kill Tibet, to enslave 1.4 billion Chinese people, and to threaten the people of the world.

If nothing dodgy and hilarious happened to the US election on November 3, the real black power behind the US election system and the US legal system, the faith and the media would not be exposed.

Who influenced the US presidential election?

Who created the coronavirus?

Do you think the CCP can survive these? Who will represent the Chinese after perish the CCP? Who can represent the Chinese?

We will set off a new era of western media, capital market, huge modern economy, network economy and network finance. Remember that the future world will be the age of technology, modern finance and digital finance.

It will be the world with the greatest social media power and economic power, the world where there is true belief of faith and true belief in the independence of the rule of law, and the world of fairness and justice.

In the future, the United States and the world will have to face and think about the fairness and justice pursued by the New Federal State of China. There will be no more communism, nor socialism. And American capitalism will be revised, and the last thing is that all people of mankind must return to the right way! That is fairness and justice.

The US election will definitely end in January. You don’t need to think about it. After January, there will only be two topics in the America: the virus and the eradication of communism. There is nothing to think about but these two.

No matter what happens before the final win, remember what Miles told you: first, as long as the CCP manipulated in this election, as long as he took action, the American election would end in an absurd way. Don’t underestimate the centuries-old foundation of the rule of law, civilization and the faith of the Americans!

Our Whistleblower Movement has deeply impacted each of us and 1.4 billion Chinese.

Our music, our GTV, G series, our G-fashion, our countless broadcasting has changed the way Chinese people think and behave again and again. What more, you guys may have noticed that the Hong Kong incident has a more profound impact within China! The entire Hong Kong movement has had a profound impact on the Chinese people. Hong Kong is the first door to perish the CCP and the CCP is more than clear that without the economic and political support of the United States, the CCP will not survive!

To starve the CCP is the way to deal with it! So decouple the CCP, and clean up all the political and economic power of the CCP in the United States and the West completely to prevent the CCP from obtaining vast money in the West to enslave the 1.4 billion Chinese. Meanwhile clean up the five major families that intended to control the media and Wall Street as they together with Silicon Valley wanted to enslave people all over the world and control the world’s political, economy, laws, and even beliefs.

Only then can the West be safe and truly move towards safety.

Only then can the West return to the previous leadership in the world civilization.

Only then unprecedented humanitarian disasters and deaths in the wars as in the last 70 years would be reduced.

Only then we are able to find out the truth about the coronavirus.

The world has verified every information of Whistleblower Movement in last three years and wait to see as the witness of these information.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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