Although the democratic system is imperfect, the dictatorship system cannot tolerate it!

Author: Ana

A democratic system is a system by the rule of the law, not a dictatorship by a person, or the leader of the government. Take a look at the Republic of China, North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran, where no freedom, security and happiness.

The dictators or these dictatorial countries will only use their power to serve themselves. Next, I will analyze the evilness of the dictatorship from the perspective of an ordinary person.

Firstly, a dictatorship brings only insecurity to the people. The establishment of a national army is not for the people of the country, but is set up to oppress the people and safeguard the interests of interest groups and these dictators and the security of their reign. Ordinary people in these dictatorships countries are still be in hungry and extremly poor life condition. In oppositly those in power people spend a lot of money and manpower to engage in arms races, military construction, and so on. When the common people resist, these troops and soldiers have become weapons to suppress the people.

Second, in dictatorships, the legal system is only a matter of paper. The government  is still in the hands of people, or those who hold power and are in high positions in the government. No way for the common people who want to be treated by the law. It’s hard to do things in accordance with the law. Examples are everywhere in the dictatorships. Chinese people would say, “Hey, the officials are like this, what should I do? They have to live!” This is the common mentality of the chinese. They have been brainwashed and oppressed by the powerful dictators. They already lost any good expectations and trusts for their dictator’s law.

Third, the people of dictatorships do not have the right to speak freely, and they do not even have the least human rights. Is there any dictatorship allows ordinary people to criticize or disagree with the government? No. The 1989 Tiananmen massacre in China is still repeating in Hong Kong today. For example, the ordinary people in mainland of China can’t see the world’s Internet. There is a firewall that is built higher and higher. On the Chinese Internet, you can’t see Google, YouTube, Facebook, and all the social media software used abroad. Only WeChat and Weibo instead of Whatapp  based on the internet censorship. The news is only censored in China, and China Central Television is the official channel of the Communist Party of China. Of course, it only conveys the news and voices that the party wants to convey. Actually it’s not news, it’s just propaganda. “Everything is good for socialism, everything must listen to the party. The Chinese Communist Party saved all of China, and Chairman Mao was the greatest leader.” and so on. After the common people heard and saw these brainwashed remarks everyday. Of course, they did not know that Chairman Mao was actually the largest dictatorship leader in China. How did they know that Mao Zedong engaged in several campaigns that caused millions of Chinese people to die? This is the disaster that the dictatorship has brought to the people. Not to mention the current dictator Xi Jinping and his accomplices who have built a “concentration camp” in Xinjiang called “re-education center”. In the democratic country, the United States or which European country, are the government forcing its own citizens to be  educated? No matter these people who have wives, parents, and children in the family and pushed to go for “re-education”. This is so funny, it sounds like something that only happened during the Nazi period in German during the second world war. Not to mention China’s fertility policy that violates human nature and the household registration system that restricts population movement. Not to mention the “appeal system” or “demolition system”, all of which are aimed at maintaining the security of the dictators. People’s rights to assembly, election, freedom of movement, and freedom of speech simply do not exist in China and North Korea. The common people have gradually forgotten the existence of these words.

Forth, the dictatorship brings only poverty to the people. No dictatorship has established an economic system to make all people prosperous and rich. Even not makes the entire country to be strong and sustainable developed. Venezuela has almost the most fertile land in the world and abundant oil reserves. It is clearly to see that most of the people in Venezuela are suffered for the lack of foods and clothing, and in there the monetary system has collapsed. China looks like a country with mordern and adcanced buildings in the city. It is said that has the largest GDP in the world. But one of the factors of China’s GDP growth is the overhaul of infrastructure. More and more houses are built, but it is getting harder and harder for ordinary people to buy houses. It can be said that houses are built more than the total population, but still lots of people who can’t afford a house to live in. This is how distorted the system established by the dictatorship China is. By the way the real estate bubble has occurred in the United States, a democratic country, and it has also occurred in Japan. Logically, it will also happen in China. But after the occurrence of the United States and Japan, you can see what changes have taken place in the lives of ordinary people. When the real estate bubble in the dictatorship of China occurs, I believe everyone will have a more profound impact to the dictatorship.

Fifth, freedom of belief does not exist in dictator countries, and it even makes people lose their faith and have no religious belief. But it is one way to better control people’s mind for dictators and dictator groups. All religious beliefs spread love, but dictators are trying to create divisions and contradictions among people. Such things are happening in China. on the television, and even in the education system, contradictions between Han and ethnic minorities are creating by the chinese communist party. They’re creating contradictions between Chinese and Americans. The same goes for other dictatorships! Dictators are afraid of the love and faith stay in the people’s hearts, and fear that most people will unite to overthrow these evil dictatorships. Such things have been repeated again and agagin in the human history, but the dictatorships are now more sophisticated in a hidden way. They use the Internet to distract the people’s attention, to pass on contradictions among people, and to use money-first brainwashing propaganda to make the people lose their pursuit of faith and their reglious beliefs. And the loss of goodness the pursuit of the truth is the most terrible thing for a society.

The above is my rough analysis of the evilness of the dictatorship system. Next time I will talk about my views on the democratic system.

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