Lude Media News (Morning) — Nov. 8, 2020

Recap Composer: Faller, Translator: ProfessorB

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  1. Briefing: The Prime Minister of Australia sent a congratulatory message, Australia Sky News said Trump was robbed. Mr. Chow Tsz Lok, a student at Hong Kong University, passed away for a year today, with the citizens mourned. The president of Mexico made a statement that refused to admit Biden’s election before the final evidence is released.
  • The pandemic officially exceeded 50 million cases across the world. The U.S. has more than 100 thousand new cases per day for four consecutive days.
  • US presidential election process: 

Nov 10 – Dec 11: The election results certificated by every states

Dec 8: Determine the results and count the votes, determine the ownership of the electoral votes, and the governor makes a confirmation

Dec 14: Electoral voting day

Dec 23: Electoral votes arrive on Capitol Hill

Jan 3, 2021: The new parliament is sworn in

Jan 6, 2021: Count electoral votes of 2nd round until the inauguration ceremony on January 20

  • Giuliani: President Trump led 800 thousand on the presidential election evening, but was surpassed by thousands of mail-in ballot without the witness of Republican observers. Why were Republicans excluded? Philadelphia holds the secret of voting by the deceased. The supervisor shall supervise, by law, within 1.8 meters.
  • Sincere and alive Trump-voters accounted to 70 to 80 million, but many Biden-voters have already passed away. When the truth comes, what will Americans do? “Voter fraud happened in the election,” Trey Trainor, Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, said. “If not complying with the law, the election was ILLEGAL. Lawsuits filed by Trump’s election campaign are very valid accusations.”
  • President Trump isn’t supported by the old establishment Republican Party, and his real loyal fans are the New Republican Party. The New Republican Party breaks from the establishment, with 71 million people supporting Bannon populism. They saw the mainstream media lying and awakened public opinion. President Trump found out that Giuliani was the one who came forward at the most critical moment.
  • The U.S. has already set a wolf to the sheep. When all of the Democrat and Republican figures found out that they could not control the dark power of the CCP, they would see the clear picture that CCP is the source of the chaos.
  • The War Room climbs 45 ranks to the 27th. The voice and longing of 71 million will become the mainstream. Mr. Bannon’s War Room’s influence verifies the capability of the  Whistlerblower Movement. Take action, continue promoting the thruth, and the authenticity of Biden’s hard drives will eventurally be verified.
  • Tsai Ing-wen cannot represent all Chinese. Claiming the virus as artifical or natural shows the real agenda behind the media around the world; supporting Dr. Limeng Yan or not shows the real scientists from the fakes; sending a congratulatory message to Biden or not shows the real positions of all politicians in the world. What stopping China, North Korea, and Russia from not sending the congratulations?
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