Although the Votes Are Small, the Responsibility Is Heavy

Author: flower flower

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This year’s U.S. election was turbulent and thrilling. As Uncle Chuan said-this is not simply another four-year election. It is a crossroads in our civilized history. It will determine whether our people can regain control of our government.

Everyone on earth knows that this American election is not just a competition between two parties, but a confrontation of political ideology, a duel of justice and evil.

That night, how many people stayed up all night, staying in the WeChat group, waiting eagerly for overseas comrades or comrades who overcame the wall to forward some real data reports from the New China Federal Television. I think the American people never expected that on the other side of the Pacific there would be a group of Chinese who care more about the American campaign than the American people themselves. Sichuan red and blue, colorful curves, like a rope tied to everyone’s heart. The ups and downs made everyone’s heart aches. Suddenly someone said, what does the ballot look like? Send one to see.

Later I learned that the ballot paper the size of a folded envelope was actually a “mirror mirror”. In front of it, people or ghosts have nothing to hide.

The overseas comrades immediately took a picture of the ballot. I was dumbfounded, all in English. Except for “3 2020”, I don’t know the others. I quickly checked it, and it turned out that a few large characters were “National Election November 3, 2020.” Tears burst into my eyes—”National Election”. I knew each other after we were separated. It took me more than 50 years to see it together. What kind of magic power these four characters have, it is confusing and makes people grit their teeth. For these four words, how many good Chinese sons and daughters have gone forward and sacrificed heroically, and how many Chinese who have awakened are still fighting indomitable blood.

As a result, three short stories about the ballots came out. After reading them, there was a huge wave in my heart, like a throat. I have been thinking, what is the ballot?

Let me talk about a popular verse in WeChat: my girlfriend said to me indifferently, last night, you worried about the richest person in China all night, and today you worried about the most powerful person in the world for a whole day , When can you worry about the people around you?

In the eyes of an ordinary Chinese woman, the votes are not only worthless, but also upset her own jar of old vinegar. Indeed, in China under the rule of the Communist Party of Drugs, many women do not read or study. In addition to eating, drinking and having fun, all they like most are entertainment programs. When they talk about wind, flowers and snow, they dance with joy; when they talk about universal values and the three correct views, they will sneer contemptuously, saying what is the use? You can’t eat or drink, don’t talk about it in the group, so as not to be blocked. Of course, the books in the education system of the Communist Party of China cannot be read. The more you read, the more distorted your human nature.

The second story is that someone tweeted that in San Francisco’s Chinatown, there was a group of aunts and uncles who had immigrated to the United States in their early years to obtain citizenship. They have been a firm vote of the Democratic Party for many years. They don’t understand anything and just enjoy the U.S. shamelessly. Welfare, while working to destroy the United States, this year’s Chinatown vote is 20 dollars (I don’t know whether it is true or not). Hey, if so, it’s really shocking! Who is instigated? !

Some people have observed that the Cuban and Vietnamese immigrants who escaped from the clutches of the Communist Party are the most anti-Communist. Only the Chinese who fled the mainland by all means are mostly pro-Communist. Why? I think, one is because the poison is all evil, and the other is the same as the virtues of those who yelled-more patriotic after going abroad. Once, I asked a teacher why he likes foreign countries so much and has to travel abroad at least twice a year, but he always tells those who have never been abroad “more patriotic after going abroad”? She smiled slyly and said, “I say this to have more opportunities to go abroad.”

Understand? This second type of Chinese people, in their eyes, the ballot is a bridge across the river, and when they are used up, they sell a few steel plates.

To put it mildly, they are exquisite egoists, fighting with each other, everything is profit-oriented, and what they often say is that life is like a play and depends on acting. To put it harder, it is a group of mental patients poisoned by the Communist Party. Gustave Le Pen said-a person’s insanity is extremely easy to be recognized; the insanity of a group of people is difficult to be detected. The person who is first discovered and pointed out is usually considered mentally ill.

In the 71 years since the Red Devils ruled the mainland, what he is best at is “brainwashing”. No one in the world. They proceeded in three steps at the same time: First, they repeatedly played with guns and hit the top, such as various “rectification criticism”, “three oppositions and five oppositions”, “anti-rightist eradication”…More than 60 movements have brought the people of the Chinese Communist Party to the Cultivated into a hard-hearted “tortoise”. The second is to exploit and squeeze the blood and sweat of the common people to death, making them exhausted and pursuing profit. Just like Bao Pengshan said, if you spend your whole life making a living, it is no different from animals. Some netizens said that, on the other hand, is it to make you not think like an animal, so that you can make a living for the rest of your life?

The most successful is the third type of “brainwashing”, the first rule of the Chinese Communist Party’s Primary School Student Code: Love the motherland, love the people, and love the Communist Party of China; study hard and make progress every day. Deliberately confuse the concept, making people mistakenly believe that “patriotism” means loving themselves, and loving the Communist Party of China means “patriotism.” The Communist Party has no New China.”

The third story is like a spring breeze from willows, warming a somewhat cool world. On the day of voting, a pregnant woman who was in childbirth went to the polling station and spent ten minutes in her car to fill in the ballot. The reporter asked her why she took such a big risk to vote. She replied: I have an obligation to choose what kind of America for my upcoming child. Hearing this, he burst into tears. Moms, the future of your children depends on whether you care about politics or not. Everyone should take responsibility and responsibility for the future of their children.

At this point, someone knocked on the door. When I opened it, it turned out that it was the staff of the community property who was distributing the “Residence Survey.” The investigation is divided into two parts. One is daily property management work, such as “security and order work”, “landscaping work”, “consulting customer service work” and other projects. The owner is required to choose from (A satisfied, B very satisfied, C not satisfied). The second part is complaining, saying that the increase in cost is not enough, and the owner is required to take a correct view of the doubling of the fee.

I habitually dodge. I know that everything in the CCP is handled in accordance with the standard of “small meetings for big things, meetings for small things, and no meetings for important things”. What “investigation,” “recommendation,” and “voting” are all clouds. I walk through the scene and talk about the format. In the end, the decision is left to the leader.

I am reminded of what Thomas Jefferson said: “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Besides, as the comrades-in-arms said, the Seventh Brother has united countless people with a sense of justice in the world with the power of one person. With his 30 years of profound knowledge of the CCP’s glamorous appearance, shamelessness, and deceit The source of intelligence, combining experience, wisdom, diligence, connections, funds, and personality charm, is strategizing to show the true face of the CCP, an illegal organization that has been rampant for decades, to the world bit by bit.

Therefore, I seriously wrote that “I do not agree to raise the fee standard, and recommend that financial expenditures be open and transparent.” Because I believe that with the first victory of the decisive battle to overthrow the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people will not be too far away when they vote for their favorite president like the American people.

-The article only represents the author’s personal opinion-

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