Media’s deception of the masses

Author: JJF

The most important US elections in modern history are playing out before the world. Contrary to the narrative crafted by mainstream media, voters aren’t simply voting for red or blue, to lower income or corporate tax, to increase or decrease spending on healthcare. These elections are about choosing between justice and crime, democracy and socialism. The world as we know it is at stake. The very survival of democracy and our shared democratic values depend on the outcome of these elections.

Over the previous weeks, we have seen the release of a treasure trove of digital files including legal documents and videos relating to Joe Biden and his family. They detail in alarming detail the corruption to the tune of billions of US dollars with the top echelons of the CCP. Further, they show his son Hunter Biden in sexually explicit videos with young woman of questionable age.

As America went to sleep on the morning of the 4th November, we now know there was a sudden unexplained volume of mail in ballots with almost 100% Biden votes in key swing states. There are now cases of people working in the delivery and count of votes that have come out expressing concern with election fraud that they have personally witnessed. Further, statistical analysis has been performed on ballots in key swing states including Wisconsin and Michigan showing strong mathematical evidence of tampering. This is and should be alarming for all freedom loving people of the world.

All in all, we must remember that the American elections are currently undergoing due legal process in multiple swing states. We must also remember that the media do not equate to judges and absolutely do not have the right to call the elections before the courts have come to a decision. This wouldn’t be the first time in recent history where the media have made the wrong call. Only the rule of law within the court system can and will decide the 46th president of the United States.

We know that come 20th January 2021, president Trump will place his hand on the Bible and remain commander in chief for the next 4 years. God bless America, God bless the freedom loving people of this world.

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We Are America
2 months ago

Detroit Michigan Recorded Training And Told To Commit A Felony Of Voter Fraud



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