What is the Next Step for the NFSC?

In his G-TV live cast on Nov. 7, Mr. Miles Guo elaborates on his thoughts with 7 statements about the next step for the New Federal State of China as follows.

What is the Next Step for the New Federal State of China?

Since starting our Whistleblower Movement 3 years ago, we are now facing a problem. What is the next step for the New Federal State of China? Just like what we stated previously, our New Federal State of China’s declaration is our pursuit. What should we do next?

Statement 1: Strengthen the development of GTV, GNEWS, GClubs, GFASHION —— we must comprehensively link the various investment series and the interests of various investors and shareholders. Through the New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement and my own experience, we allow investors to make large returns; our brothers-in-arms can gain large returns; the financial investment institution can gain large returns. Relying on large financial institution investors’ resources as well as our brothers-in-arms’ individual investments, we allow everyone to gain a good profit. We must be strong economically. The best national defense, the strongest national defense. Therefore all institutional investors of GCOIN, GDOLLAR are now fully prepared. This is completely independent from us. GFASHION is completely independent. GTV and GNEWS are completely independent. A safe and powerful economy is the fundamental foundation for our future development. The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China will allow the Chinese people to move towards the rule of law, faith, and freedom.

Statement 2: Connecting the Chinese people throughout the world all together at the fastest speed. Allowing the Himalayan Farm Union Committee to grow at a rapid speed, to become internationalized, standardized, and governed by law.

Statement 3: Establishing a political quasi-alliance in the world rapidly. This is the best opportunity.

Statement 4: Preparing to representative of the new China without the Communist Party to the world. Striving for recognition from more world organizations.

Statement 5: Linking and securing our brothers-in-arms’ interests, safety, and resources, and to standardize, legalize, and stabilize these pathways at the fastest speed. Therefore, we strive to the strongest loyalty alliance between our brothers-in-arms.

Statement 6: From various fields, we must increase our media influence efforts through the largest media channels. I am A Sing-Ro. This is one of our best programs, is making a huge domestic impact in mainland China. Our Tang Ping, our William Wang– working hard to make their music program bigger and better. All our Himalaya farms in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, various places, and the Phoenix City base, we must act in unison to increase media publicity. From music, fashion, lifestyle, the entire online business, all kinds of connections through the Internet. The core, brothers-in-arms should remember, in the United States, especially in the most critical part of our G series, we must establish good relations with the American media and financial communities. Now we should not make more enemies. We should reduce our enemies and increase the number of partners– we already have too many enemies.

Statement 7. Dear brothers and sisters, next, for our rule of law foundation, rule of law society, GClubs, GFASHION, and the launched GCOIN, GDOLLAR, all the partners and institutional investors of the global alliance, people are using our platform of the  Whistleblower Movement. They are using our resources: GTV, GNEWS. We must share the benefits to those who utilize this platform. Not only should our brothers-in-arms get rich, but also more international forces get rich too. Through this U.S. election has caused more American capitalists and big capitalists in the Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China in staying with us more firmly.

Video source:https://gtv.org/video/id=5fa6b7eabd0d464fadf5a5f8

Translator: 【Key】Proofreader: 【Clouds】【Isaiah4031】【GM31】 Subtitles:【盘古开天】 Editor:【GM31】

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