Chinese’s 1000-Year Fight: “Truthful, Kind & Fierce” vs. Fake

In his G|TV live-cast on Nov 08, 2020, with the U.S. election evolving into something shockingly absurd with fraud-ridden processes, Mr. Guo painstakingly compared the downside of the Chinese culture versus the civilization of America. He did not mince his words expressing his disgust about the “fake” culture instilled by the CCP. It will be a tough battle for the Chinese people to gain freedom and democracy. 

about democracy and the rule of law in the U.S. I said if it had to take 1000 years to arrive at where America is today, we Chinese should feel fortunate already. … … Look at the U.S., even at today’s stage, … … The foundation of its civilization is still holding it all together. Mr. Giuliani can still make his public speeches. The U.S Supreme Court still awaits.

Why did I emphasize we need to be “truthful, kind, and fierce“? Only when we Chinese care to be truthful, our Chinese nation can become great. Only when the Chinese people really are kind at heart, really believe in reward of hard work and reward of good deeds, we Chinese may become kind; and, we Chinese may be saved. By “fierce”, I mean determination, courage, will-power; and don’t leave leeway for yourself. Be brave in everything you do. Be brave and have a sense of justice.

– Miles Guo 

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