If you don’t wake up from a dream at this moment, you will sleep forever!

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In the early 1980s, I watched the “Internal Film” “Ordinary Fascism” in the auditorium of the China Science and Education Film Studio, the documentary that was edited by director Romm from a database of Nazi documentary material seized by the Soviet Red Army after the conquest of Berlin in World War II. Its theme is that the German nation, under the compulsion of narrow nationalism, will inevitably embark on the path of war, and that even if Hitler could not emerge at that time, there will be “Eatler”, “Notler”, and the entire German nation itself will inevitably head towards aggression and eventual national disaster. After watching the film, I couldn’t restrain my peace of mind, feeling for the first time that documentary films had such a powerful impact.

The CCP’s kidnapping of 14 Chinese and their indoctrination in “patriotism” is so similar to the Nazi’s indoctrination of their people in “German national superiority” in this film. We cannot deny the greatness of the Germanic nation. There were so many outstanding scientists and artists, but when Hitler and others used nationalism for personal ambition, it was narrow nationalism. That’s the beginning of sin! In China today, countless people are being exploited by the CCP, and if they don’t wake up, they will become the “ordinary fascists” of the past, which will eventually push the whole nation into the abyss of disaster.

Two more films, Lenin in October and Lenin in 1918, have left a deep imprint on the hearts of several generations of Chinese people. The leading figures in these films are admired and admired obsessively. Lenin tutored a little girl in drawing frogs, and Vasili put the bread that his wife had secretly stuffed into his pocket back on the table …… are some of the most touching scenes that come to mind. But the content of both works are fake, and that’s not my word, that’s the word of Russia’s current president, Vladimir Putin. The director of these two “heartwarming” works and the film “Ordinary Fascism” is the same man: Romm.

In the light of today’s universal values, the harm done by the Communist Party to mankind is more than a “poisonous weed”; it is a fountain of poison, spewing the evil communist poison to all corners of the world in a steady stream. Undoubtedly, Lenin in October and Lenin in 1918 helped to fuel the spread and influence of communism around the world. And yet, the revelation of the evil roots of narrow nationalism in “Ordinary Fascism” is so profound, and has such a powerful enlightening and warning effect on humanity’s understanding of the nature of Hitler’s fascism, and even on today’s nation’s recognition of the dangers of narrow nationalism. The question then arises, how could such two works of extreme opposite values come from one man?

The answer is: the artist was fooled too! At that time, Romm firmly believed in the communist “utopia”, and applied all the glorious qualities of humanity to the leaders he admired in his works, but his passion and artistic skills were also exploited by the bad guys, just like the Chinese Little Pink today.

Many of today’s 1.4 billion “trembling” people are “invisible”. Because the CCP does not allow the public to know the truth and injects fake evil and ugly elements into every corner of life, many people cannot see the evil nature of the CCP. But every sane person feels fear or at least discomfort, and what kind of happiness can you have when you’re scared to tell the truth and have to be wary of someone peeking when you go to the bathroom? If it is still understandable and forgivable to say that our grandparents and parents followed Mao and Deng, then it is really foolish to say that we followed Jiang to Xi and now they are still “valiant and spirited”, and sooner or later we will be swept into the trash heap of history.

The biggest conspiracy of the CCP is to replace democratic politics with an authoritarian system on a global scale and to replicate the “Chinese Communist model” that is now in effect, with 1.4 billion slave workers working for a handful of families for the rest of their lives. By then, it will not be 1.4 billion slave laborers but 7 billion slave laborers. The United States will be a province or an “autonomous region” of the CCP, and Biden will be the party secretary of the American Autonomous Region of the CCP. Venezuelan Maduro will be the secretary of the Venezuelan Prefectural Committee of the CCP, and Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa will be the township level for the highest.

Today we are standing at the crossroads of mankind, Hamlet “live or die” sounded again, and we heard the beautiful hero Dr. Yan Limeng’s cry “there is not much time left for mankind”, if you do not wake up now, you will sleep forever!

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