“Trump Accountability Project”: a Communist-style hit list

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A Communist-flavoured hit list called the “Trump Accountability Project” emerged on the internet on November 7th 2020, four days after the 2020 Presidential Election day. It is launched as an open database to document “anyone who took a paycheck from the Trump Administration”, and appears to be inspired by a Tweet posted by New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Hari Sevugan is the former national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee and served as the senior spokesman for the Barack Obama presidential campaign. He also joined the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in 2020.

The Project has a Google sheet compiling a list of over 1200 people who donate to, help and endorse Trump and his campaign as well as staff in the Trump Administration including judicial appointees.

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US lawyer Leslie Gordon made a thread containing screenshots of the list. The list was subsequently removed from public view after it was heavily condemned, but a full list is archived at web.archive.org and the public can still visit the list (by clicking “See the list”).

Hit list for promoting hatred of Trump supporters

Screenshot from the Trump Accountability Project list

The Project’s associated website records the political figures and what they said in the past that fits the anti-Trump narratives.

The list is considered as a hit list full of hatred without tolerating the different political views and is “as part of a new totalitarian agenda to punish all Americans who oppose them”, commented by Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker https://bit.ly/356nHj6). “This is totally incompatible with democracy. If a politician’s team committed crimes, arrest ’em. If not, leave ’em alone.”, commented by Larry Sanger (@lsanger https://bit.ly/3k4ypdV).

Similar ‘accountability list’ in Communist China

For the Chinese people, the Trump Accountability Project sounds all too familiar. For people living in China, having someone else recording their words and actions is part of life. The Communist Party government record the words and actions of individuals who oppose the wills of the Party or Party cadres in a different faction and find excuses to execute them when time is ready.

As to the reasons of execution? This is the least important of all. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held a variety of campaigns to purge political opponents in the name of ‘good intentions’ like anti-corruption, anti-waste, anti-stealing, anti-bureaucracy, etc.

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One example is the 1957’s Anti-Right Campaign to purge the alleged ‘rightists’ within and outside of the Party. First, people were encouraged to express their opinions and discontents in a ‘Hundred Flowers movement’ (a rhetoric that a hundred opinions are welcomed). The only catch was, the people’s voices were recorded.

The movement reached a point where some people called for the CCP to step down. An estimate of at least 550,000 people were politically persecuted as officially reported. The actual number of victims is much higher, between 1 and 2 million or higher as researchers estimated.

Image source: museumofcommunistterror.com

During the Cultural Revolution (1966 to 1976), the CCP purged capitalists and anyone who represent ‘traditional elements’ of the Chinese society.  The CCP instigated mobs, who were called Red Guards, to riot, make destructions, arrest and kill opponents, to form uniformity of thoughts and beliefs in the society. In general, anyone or any organization who was a dissident of Chairman Mao Zedong or what he said, would be purged, which means humiliated in public, exiled or even killed.

Modern day ‘accountability list’ in China

Nowadays, the CCP applies sophisticated measures to maintain its ‘accountability’ list and impose punishment at the right time.

One such measure is using spies to monitor activities by anti-CCP activists, Falun Gong practitioners and Chinese people overseas. The CCP spies captured video that feature faces of the protesters, and put their names on lists which would later be sent to Chinese authorities, that would then track down their families (source).

The CCP also used spyware and social media Apps such as WeChat, along with cyber military to monitor the people’s conversations and internet activities. Similar blacklists were created after inappropriate conversations and internet activities were detected. Often time the blacklisted person would be asked to attend a “He Cha” or tea session with CCP authorities, where they will be punished.

Is this the spark of communism on American soil?

The US is now experiencing the same disastrous movement exemplified by Antifa endorsed and harbored by the Democratic Party. The Antifa mobs are Red Guards in modern times. It was suggested by one columnist that the CCP is the force supporting Antifa.

The Whistleblowers’ Movement had warned the US about the incoming riot, ‘Red Mirage’, on the Election Night funded by Michael Bloomberg who the Whistleblowers’ Movement believes to have deep ties with the CCP (source).

The Trump Accountability Project is a threat to any American who support President Trump and oppose the Democrat Party. It is no different to the hit list that Mao Zedong used to purge his dissidents, and it clearly intends to bring America in the same direction as countries like Communist China or the Soviet Union. It needs to be heavily condemned by Americans and everyone who cherish freedom of speech.

Author: River|Himalaya Scholar

Proof-reader: XO酱

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